The pressures to live up to a standard or precedent can be hard, but adding in a parent's influence can make a bad situation really boil over.

In a scene that sounds cut out of a script from "Varsity Blues" or "Friday Night Lights," a 16-year-old high school football player from Sugar Land, Texas is currently in police custody after allegedly stabbing his dad during an argument.

According to KHOU, the argument started as a result of the boy telling his father that he planned on quitting the football team.

“There’s definitely quite a bit of tension, a lot of conflict between the boy and his father,” a police spokesman said. “The son admitted that he had been skipping football practices and told his father he intended to quit the team.”

The teen is now facing an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge and could be charged with murder if his father does not recover from his injuries.

You know how they feel about football in Texas? It sounds like a kid playing football to appease his father, and a dad pushing too hard to live through his son.

By Glenn Erby


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