Never let anyone tell you that your dreams can’t become a reality if you’re willing to grind.

Addison Foote was lending his vision to the NBA when he started a project to redesign NBA logos on his own time as a creative outlet from his 9-5 regular job as a website designer.

“I’ve always loved basketball and followed the NBA my whole life so I love doing side projects with that. I love logo design a lot,” Foote told KSL.com. “I kind of just happened one day to click and think, ‘Hey, I want to try redesigning an NBA logo.’ So I did.”

Foote, a Utah native, made the Jazz his first project. After finishing up the Jazz logo redesign, Foote decided to do a new design for the other 29 teams around the league.

“My knowledge of the NBA is pretty well-versed, but I still wanted to kind of do a little bit of research behind the history of every team’s logo and behind the meaning of the team name and references of their cities,” Foote said. “I tried to kind of compile as much information and knowledge (as I could) before I started my concept sketches.”

After posting the redesigns to Reddit, Foote received a large amount of positive feedback, and after the designs went viral, he heard directly from the NBA.

Foote was contacted by the NBA and offered freelance work on graphic design projects for the Association’s social media pages.

“I was so excited,” Foote said. “I’d always dreamed as a kid to do something for the NBA. I’ve always been a huge basketball fan.”

That’s amazing.

By Glenn Erby


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