Kanye West has rapped a couple times on his latest album "The Life of Pablo" about the time he had to pay $250,000 to his cousin for his laptop where a sex tape of him was stored.

In the song "Real Friends," West writes:
"I had a cousin that stole my laptop that I was fuckin' bitches on/Paid that nigga 250 thousand just to get it from him."
Then in "No More Parties in LA," he said this:
"And as far as real friends, tell all my cousins I love 'em/Even the one that stole the laptop, you dirty motherfucker." 
So what's the real story about this incident? Here are the full details
The rapper's cousin, Lawrence Franklin, claimed as much to The Daily Mail. "I was at my aunt's house when the family member who had the laptop called me, a friend of his, and my uncle to the kitchen where he opened the laptop to show a video of Kanye in clear view having sex with a fair-skinned black woman," Franklin explained.

According to Franklin, Kanye had given the laptop away as a gift to one family member. Another family member got their hands on it and supposedly discovered the tape in late 2012, which is the same year Kanye started dating his now-wife, Kim Kardashian. Ultimately, Kanye was allegedly forced to pay $250,000 to the family member who discovered the video after threatening to release it. "The family member got this money and started to buy himself a lifestyle he dreamed about," added Franklin.
Franklin mentions that this begin the decline for West trusting people.
"At the end of the day if a member of your family had taken you for a quarter of a million dollars—so they can complete their own ambitions—who can you trust within your circle?"  


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