I think that anytime someone given the privilege of voting on prestigious awards or recognition and shows an unhealthy bias towards a player or coach, he or she should have that honor revoked immediately.

Take this attention-seeking Pro Football Hall of Fame voter, who essentially played himself and should have his vote revoked after using the weakest excuse ever to justify keeping Terrell Owens out of the Hall.

Ron Borges of the Boston Herald, in a long, drawn out column defending the Hall of Fame Selection Committee, believes Owens was robbed because of his penchant for dropping balls.

“Owens not only led the NFL in drops once, he finished in the top four in drops seven other seasons during his 15-year career,” Borges writes.

To be clear, drops aren’t even an official stat, but that didn’t stop Borges from going super weak with his observation, and then piggy backing a PFT article where Bill Parcells labeled Owens “disruptive.”

-- ThaCover2


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