For the past few years, there has been a push to bring the Seattle SuperSonics back to the NBA. They are a historic franchise...and they definitely have one of the cleanest uniforms ever.

NBA legend Ray Allen, who has had some of his best years in the league in a Sonics uniform, talked about bringing the team back to the league. 

Should the NBA expand the league and bring back the Sonics? The league is currently at 30 teams, but with the popularity they have, they could easily expand to 32 teams like the NFL has. With that, Seattle can finally return.

Other people have different ideas, though.

He has a point, but would the NBA even consider that? I have heard other ideas, such as moving a team like the Los Angeles Clippers to Seattle and changing them to the SuperSonics. But that seems far-fetched.

But let's give this Seattle and Austin thing a chance. If they have NBA teams, they both would have to be in the Western Conference. To offset that, a team like the Memphis Grizzlies would move to the Eastern Conference (which makes sense geographically).

These are all just hypotheticals, though. I guess we will find out whenever the NBA discusses this some offseason in the future. Will it be this summer? Who knows?

One thing is for sure: bring back the Sonics!


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