It seems like top NBA draft prospect Lonzo Ball's father, Lavar, is in hot water for the way he handled his interview on FS1 Wednesday. Ball was seen dissing Jason Whitlock and then telling Kristine Leahy to "stay in your lane."

However, these videos don't tell the whole side of the story. What led to Ball acting this way towards Whitlock and Leahy?

Well, here you go:

After watching the video, I really don't blame Ball for acting the way he did. Could he have handled it better? Absolutely. But if Whitlock and Leahy are going to openly criticize who he is as a parent and person, then they should be able to take the heat too.

Leahy sounded like she had an agenda against Ball that whole interview. Saying things like "Are you threatening me?" and "You don't respect women" were out of line.

Others were saying the same thing:

Leahy ended up having a response to all that happened:

It doesn't seem like anyone is buying it, though:

The results speak for themselves:


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