Darron Lee is likely going to be in hot water for this conduct, but things could have been much worse had big Leonard Williams not been around.

Whether Lee had a problem with Williams or a woman is still being disputed, but what is visible to the eye was Lee having to be manhandled and ragdolled by the New York Jets defensive end to help calm him down.

The incident took place at the Governors Ball music festival in New York City on Saturday night, and social media got a blow-by-blow account thanks to Twitter user Gunner Punner.

NJ.com has more on the incident:
The eyewitness, who doesn’t have his name associated with his Twitter account, observed a man shouting at a woman mid-argument. The man then proceeded to “manhandle her” and “call her names.” Security intervened, but when the crowd dispersed, the man returned and started “dragging” the woman away with him.

At this point, Williams stepped in and blocked the man from reaching the woman. When the man continued to pursue her, Williams picked the man up and pushed him away.
Lee is likely to face scrutiny and some form of punishment from the league, especially after the incident was caught on tape.


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