Finally, a program to rival and replace the Kardashians. The Ball family is stepping into the reality TV, doing it on Facebook instead of a cable television channel.

Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball and his outspoken father, LaVar, along with the rest of the family is starring in a reality docu-series, "Ball in the Family."

Ball released a preview for the series, which is set to debut with the first two episodes on Facebook on Aug. 31.

“Family is everything to me,” LaVar adds in the preview. “I’ve always told my boys, ‘you can make all the money in the world. But it’s not fun if you’re just by yourself.'”

LaVar and his wife, Tina, serve as producers on the show, chronicling Tina’s recovery from a stroke in the series also.

“We wanted to give our fans an unfiltered look into our lives and show them a side of us that isn’t typically seen,” LaVar said in a statement. “We have a big community of fans on Facebook, so we’re excited our series is going to be on Watch. And who better to help us tell our story than Bunim/Murray Productions.”

New episodes will be available on Sundays beginning Sept. 10.


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