If Lonzo Ball’s jump shot really is broken, Magic Johnson is going to be fair and allow the Lakers star rookie to fix on his own during his first season.

The Lakers team president, while a guest on ESPN’s “Mike and Mike," addressed Ball’s 31.3 percent clip from the field and his 25 percent clip from 3.

The Lakers seem content to be patient with Ball’s motion, and won’t address it at all until at least next summer.
“I think it’s a fine line because what you have to do is first, he’s been shooting that way his whole life. So what we wanted to do is let him play his game. Let him shoot the way he’s been shooting and hopefully they’ll go in,” Johnson said.

“And so, we’re not gonna mess with it. We’re gonna let him shoot and play his game. If after the season, and he’s not shooting well, then we’ll sit down with him and say, ‘Hey, let’s maybe look at different way or let’s try to improve the way you are shooting.'”
Hoping to not put added pressure on Ball, Johnson added that the Lakers won’t encourage Ball to shoot any less.
“We can break it down with him, but we don’t want to mess with his shot. He’s proven that he’s knocked that shot down. And we want to encourage him to keep shooting."
Ball currently stands among the league low in all the major shooting categories.


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