Terrell Owens has hard feelings about every franchise he’s ever been ostracized from, and he looks like he’s holding the most venom for the Dallas Cowboys.

Owens blasted his former team and sent a stern message to star quarterback Dak Prescott, warning the Cowboys leader to watch his back amid team discord.
Owens was at LAX when we asked about his weekend Twitter comments … when he argued that Dallas’ disappointing 9-7 record was not Dak’s fault. He also argued that Dak is NOT trying to turn the locker room against Dez Bryant, who also had a disappointing season.

Instead, Owens seemed to argue that the Cowboys coaching staff and other execs are pushing the negative narratives to create a fall guy … so they can then fire that guy and look like heroes.
His example for warning Prescott was pretty convenient...himself:
“Everybody knows what went down,” Owens says … insisting there are multiple witnesses from the Cowboys who will attest that he was done dirty in Big D.

“I just didn’t like the way they were trying to say Dak is the problem or Dak is putting the blame or turning people against Dez. That’s not fair to Dak.”
It’ll be interesting to see if Owens’ most recent comments have any influence on possibly being named to the Hall of Fame in the next few days or so.


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