NBA 2K made the official announcement today:

NBA 2K went through some issues with Kyrie Irving, who was initially on the 2K18 in a Cleveland Cavaliers uniform before he got traded to the Boston Celtics. Could we see the same for their cover athlete on NBA 2K19?

Based off what GameStop has allegedly revealed in their stores, Cavs star LeBron James is going to be the cover athlete for the 20th anniversary edition of the basketball video game.

It will be the second time the King is featured as the cover athlete for the video game, last appearing in 2K14 when he was a member of the Miami Heat.

I remember around the time of the NBA Finals that year, it was announced that James would be the cover athlete. I would not be surprised at some point during this year's series against the Golden State Warriors, there will be a television commercial reveal of some sort.

However, could he contributing to the 2K cover curse?  The cover curse involves players leaving the current team they're one after they appear on the cover.

James left the Heat after appearing on 2K14, Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder after appearing in 2K15, Paul George got traded from the Indiana Pacers after 2K17, and then you have last year with Kyrie.

I guess we'll see what happens, especially with James becoming a free agent next month.


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