PJ Tucker makes a lot of money playing basketball. With that said, does he really has to explain to me how he spent almost a quarter-million dollars on sneakers this year and never blinked? The Houston Rockets forward spent a mini-mansion worth of money on sneakers over the past year.

During an interesting interview with Complex’s Matt Welty, Tucker said he wasn’t sure of exactly how much he dropped on new kicks but that it’s “probably close to $200,000.”
How much did you spend on sneakers this year?
You know what’s crazy about that whole thing with Joe [La Puma]? I had just been in New York before that and I went to Flight Club. I don’t know what happened, but I think someone just dropped off a bunch of their collections there. [I spent] double what we did on the actual episode [of Sneaker Shopping]. Guys in the store were laughing [during the shoot], and they were like, “People don’t even know that you were here a couple of weeks ago.” It was O.G. old stuff, the stuff I had been looking at for years.

So how much?
I didn’t even look at the number this year. I’ll have to look at it during the summer.

If you had to make a rough estimate. $50,000? $100,000?
Probably close to $200K.
According to The Undefeated’s Aaron Dodson, Tucker wore 22 different pairs of sneakers during the 17 games as the Rockets reached the Western Conference Finals. Tucker earned a little over $7.5 million in his first year in Houston, so he spent about two percent of his salary.


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