Recreational sports leagues are very common for people to join. Sports like soccer, softball, streetball, and tag football are great ways to meet new people while working towards a united purpose. 

When it comes time to craft uniforms for your recreational league, here are some necessary design tips to keep in mind.

Comfortable T-Shirt Material

Before you even start getting into the intricate details of the uniform, you must start by picking a material that's going to be comfortable for the sports. A sport that involves a ton of running, such as soccer or streetball, will require a lighter material shirt. 

The time of year the activity is played will also play a role in the type of material that you choose for your team. Survey the different materials that are available. Do some research into picking the right material to match the sport that you're in and the weather you can expect to play in.

Picking the Right Style

Now, since you know what the shirt material will be, it's time to start figuring out what style you want to go with. This will take a lot of comparing. For example, what’s the difference between the Bella+Canvas 3001C and the 3001CVC?  

Some of the biggest factors to consider are sleeve length and neck cut. Basketball uniforms traditionally come without sleeves to allow freedom of movement of the arms. However, other sports benefit from having long sleeves.

Choosing Your Colors Wisely

We've all witnessed that moment where you ask yourself, just what was this person thinking who designed this shirt? The truth is that you don't want your sports uniforms ending up like that. Rather, you want all team members to love sporting your team gear. 

One of the most basic tips about colors is to pick one that widely contrasts the other. This will allow the writing to be clearly seen. You don't want to pick colors that don't contrast enough as you'll have difficulty reading any font on the uniforms.

Logo Design Tips

Logos are a must to help ensure that your team stands out from the rest. While coming up with your own sports team logo from scratch can be overly difficult, you can typically have the uniform company craft one based off of other images you find that you like. 

Take some time to do some research online and pick out some images that you want to have included in your logo. Then, go to the uniform company and ask them to fabricate a design from the items you've found. This will help to ensure that your logo stays unique. 

Respect Simple Font Styles

One of the biggest mistakes that can be made when making uniforms is not using the right font style. 

If you use a font that is too thin, you risk others not being able to read the uniform further away. When you pick a font style that is too intricate, such as cursive, it will be just as difficult to read. 

Simplicity is key when it comes to getting legible jerseys that your team will love to wear. Opt for bolded letters and numbers that are easy to read without any confusion. 

Designing recreational league uniforms can be a fun and rewarding experience. However, doing it right is a must to ensure that you and your team enjoy the outcome. 

The above are five simple tips you can utilize when designing your own recreational league uniforms that will guarantee you get great results every single time.


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