Being a sports junkie is not easy since your interests vary. Do not fret, there are a number of apps out there making things easier for you beyond the regular apps for your favorite sports channels. The following are a few examples worth checking out.

The Athletic

This is a subscription-based app that costs about ten dollars. The reason people love this app is that it brings them the news they want, without all those pesky advertisers messing up your experience. You also get to read from professional sports journalists and all the exclusive news they uncover.


Betting is a bit of a hot topic in many regions, so it is important that you find out if you can bet where you live, but those who can may want to consider downloading the DraftKings app.

This app connects you to other sports fans willing to bet on a game to make things a little more interesting. Those who hate to lose are strongly advised to have their phones in a protective case.

Attach a BodyGuardz screen protector as added insurance. You don’t want a $50 loss over a ninth-inning comeback turn into a $950 bill for a new phone because yours was thrown out the window.

Bleacher Report

Sometimes you only want news from the sports teams you follow. Those who prefer this kind of information and breaking news may want to download the Bleacher Report app.

This app constantly searches the web for information on your team and pushes it to your phone the moment it shows up. It keeps you up to date, and it does this without forcing you to peruse information you don't really care about.


There is nothing like seeing a game in person. Your phone can help you do that with the StubHub app. This app allows you to buy and sell tickets to your favorite sporting events. The prices on the app are competitive enough to score some great deals from time to time.


While most fans prefer watching their team play, others wish to take it to the next level and play themselves.

The problem is finding a group of people willing to play a friendly match with you when you are free. Perhaps the people you know are in school or at work, so you are stuck with no one to play with.

Well, the Sporty app is attempting to fix that by connecting you to sporting activities nearby. All you have to do is connect to the app, and look for matches that are happening soon or already taking place nearby.

Pocket Casts

Those who love hearing about sports from commentators may want to consider the Pocket Casts app. This app connects you to sports podcasts, so you can hear everything there is to know about your favorite sport.

Each podcast is special, so you can choose what you want to hear. The app costs about four dollars, but you get access to a lot of information about your favorite teams or sport, and that is priceless.

Hopefully, you find the app that brings your love for sports much closer to home. Try a few of them out, or read their reviews so you get a better idea of what to expect from them.


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