There is lots of controversy with regard to the use of leg stretchers. While some swear by them, others feel that they are a way of cheating.

The reality is that, leg stretchers are not a shortcut to flexibility. They simply give you a chance to push yourself harder, with regulated increases in intensity. But, are they effective? The answer is yes.

Leg stretchers can improve your flexibility. However, like all other equipment, you need to ensure that you use them right. To help you out, here is what you need to do for leg stretchers to improve your flexibility.

1. Use the Right Stretcher

In all equipment, product quality determines the quality of results. Leg stretchers are no exception to this rule. When using a leg stretcher, make sure to use the right one.

Leg stretchers like this one from tmas are made to perfection, and are very effective in helping users gain flexibility. One thing you will love about this leg stretcher is that it is well padded.

As such, even as you push yourself to the limit, you won’t feel the discomfort of the metallic aspects of the stretcher. On top of that, it has a stop latch which helps the user control the level of stretch, and avoid injury.

With such a stretcher, you are guaranteed of improved flexibility, provided you remain consistent.

2. Warm-Up Before Exercises

For you to reap the benefits of a leg stretcher, you need to prepare your body well before you do the stretches. One way to do this is by warming up before the stretches. This will prepare your muscles for more intense stretches that you will do with a leg stretcher.

By doing this, you can attain a much longer stretch and if done consistently, you will become more flexible. Some of the warm-ups you can do include jogging, cycling and skipping rope.

3. Push Yourself to the Limit

Before you use a leg stretcher, try doing a normal body stretch. Push it to the level where you feel your body has reached its maximum. Do this a couple of times until you feel your body get comfortable in the extremes.

Now move on to the stretcher and build on this new limit. It will feel strenuous at first, but if you do so consistently, you will start to feel better, and more comfortable. With consistency, your stretch will get longer, and you will become more flexible.

One way to test your limits with a leg stretcher is to use the steering control feature that is available on most high-quality leg stretchers. Let it guide you on how far you can go without creating too much discomfort to your leg muscles.

4. Rest

After pushing yourself hard, make sure to rest. Taking a day or two in between leg stretches helps your body heal, and prepare better for the next set of stretches.

After a good rest, you should be in a position to set even new leg stretch limits, and become even more flexible. These machines work!


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