Sporting events are fun to watch and even more exciting to play. If you are a sports fan or athlete, then you likely have a game of choice.

In this article, you will learn a few reasons why basketball reigns supreme. Regardless of whichever league you enjoy watching, here is why the NBA is better than the NFL.

Famous Athletes

There are famous athletes that come from both football and basketball, but according to ESPN's World Fame 100 2019, there are seven athletes in the top 50 from the National Basketball Association compared to only one from the National Football League, second only to soccer.

Not to mention, Michael Jordan stands number two on the 100 most beloved athletes in sports history list behind Jackie Robinson.

It is easy to think of basketball superstars like MJ, Kobe, Larry Bird, LeBron James, and Kareem Abdul-Jabar when you are asked about the most iconic sports people ever.

Higher Paced Game

Compared to football, basketball is a much higher paced game and can be more exciting to watch. A basketball game consists of quite a bit of back-and-forth and can have a lot of action.

There is nothing that gets a crowd to its feet like a contested slam dunk, and you don't have to brave the weather to see it!


Not that there is no drama in every league across the world, but recently the NFL has been under scrutiny for the treatment of their players and attitudes towards dealing with misconduct.

There are bad seeds in every sport, and, quite honestly, it is tough to stay out of the spotlight when an organization has to try and keep so many high-caliber athletes, coaches, and team owners happy, but the NFL seems to struggle with it more than any other.

Risk of Injury

Football carries a very high possibility of injury compared to basketball. Not that there is not potential injury in any sport, but with a high contact game like football, the risk is much higher.

There are times when watching an NFL game where you see someone get hit, and you wonder if they will get up, which is another reason why the NBA reigns supreme.

There is no doubt that football players could use some heal-n-soothe in their lives because it takes longer to recover from a football game than a basketball game. As a subpoint, this is another drawback to the game of football.

Your favorite star players don’t typically have a long lifespan due to injury or body fatigue. Other than a few exceptions, the average career in the NFL only lasts three years, compared to the average NBA career, which lasts four-and-a-half years.

Football is Only In America

Football may be an American pastime, but basketball is enjoyed all around the world. Not only does basketball thrive in other countries, but foreign athletes also have the opportunity to play in the NBA, which is few and far between when it comes to football.

Overall, the NBA has a much more widespread fanbase and gives many more people a shot at their dream.

The reasoning above is not to say that the NFL isn't fun to watch or doesn't have extremely talented athletes, but some grounds make the NBA easier to enjoy.

Whether you take the NBA over the NFL or vice-versa, the dedication that goes into playing in a professional sporting league and managing one should be respected either way.


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