As more people spend time on their phones or in front of electronics, they often forget that there are many new and exciting ways to spend their time. There is always something new that will pique an interest.

These six hobbies for men to start will keep you busy, satisfied, and productive with your time and energy.


Homebrewing is the craft of making your own beer, mead, or ciders. Men who like to make things from scratch or appreciate alcohol should consider this hobby. People can buy homebrewing kits with yeast, extracts, and instructions for convenience.

Beginners should have the necessary brewing equipment on hand. This includes brew pots, burners, fermenters, sanitizers, tubing and siphons, bottles, fillers, cappers, bottle caps, thermometers, and the kits.


This hobby is perfect for men who like to work with their hands in a creative way. Leatherworking is independent work, perfect for people who enjoy their alone time. One can make wallets, journal covers, or watch straps.

Still, like any hobby, there are skills needed. Anyone interested in this activity should learn how to saddle stitch, cut, and finish edges. One can find leatherworking kits or a local class or workshop for easier learning.

Lock Picking

Lock picking has many conventional uses; accidentally locking yourself out of your home, car, or safe all require some way to gain access. Hiring an outside locksmith can get pricey, so you should learn how to do it yourself.

Conveniently, there are lock picking training kits to practice with different difficulties. Hardcore hobbyists can even join lock picking conventions and competitions to test their skills.

Classic Car Restoration

Not all men are into cars, but for those that are and don’t know how to express it, consider classic car restoration. This DIY activity requires patience, time, and, most importantly, dedication.

Unlike other hobbies, restoring a classic car is a big project. Hobbyists upgrade out-of-date or broken parts in cars with new or improved ones.

Some restorers simply enjoy the thrill of turning an old car into its brand-new equivalent, while others will drive around their new passion project for others to see. Either way, you will see your work come to life.

Drawing and Painting

Drawing and painting are great creative outlets for self-expression. Sometimes men are closed off from expressing themselves emotionally, but spending some time painting or drawing will give beginning artists a chance to find their voice.

To get started, you may need to visit an art store for paint brushes, paint, coloring supplies, canvas, and paper.


For the men who enjoy learning or losing themselves in another world, reading is the best use of your time. There are many different genres available, from how-to guides to academic non-fiction to thrillers and horror.

There are books to appeal to any interests. You can buy new books or check them out from a library for free. That way, you’ll increase your reading ability without spending any money.


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