Whether you want to look cool on the court or just listen to music to focus while training, it’s important to prepare. Get ready to start sweating with these accessories every athlete should have.

Sweat-Resistant Earbuds or Headphones

Don’t ruin your mix with earbuds or headphones that won’t stay on or that malfunction when you get sweaty. A great mix of tunes can be a real training motivator, so it’s worth it to invest in durable, sweat-resistant earbuds or headphones that will stay in place and sound great.

Cell Phone Armband

Your mix and your headphones get nowhere without your phone, so you’ll need a good cell phone armband to keep it secure. This way, you can move freely without worrying about your phone falling out of your pocket.

Water-resistant varieties are available if you run in the rain, but you’ll want to be sure your phone is also waterproof or water-resistant.

Water Bottle

Hydration is essential, so a water bottle is, too. Be picky about the material—especially if you choose plastic (look for BPA-free options). Stainless steel is another great choice.

Think about how you’ll use it, whether it’s indoors at your spin class or while running outside.  This will affect how you carry it and whether it needs insulation.


Along with hydration, there’s nutrition.  A mid-level model blender that can crush ice should be enough for your smoothies. You could also get a “blender bottle.” These to-go bottles have extra compartments for supplements or protein powders—if you’re into that sort of thing.

Training App

Whatever your training goals are, there’s likely an app that will help you reach them. Some apps track performance, some guide you through a workout, and others help motivate you. If you need a little push to stick with your workout, try an app.

Quality Socks

Good socks are important for comfort, cushioning, and foot health. Choose high-quality socks with wicking action that keeps your feet dry and reduces chafing.

Length and style matter, too, in terms of looks and performance. Depending on your sport, you may need socks that accommodate shin guards or have heel padding.

Heart Monitor

Maybe you’re tracking your heart rate solely as a performance thing, or maybe you’re under doctor’s orders to keep within a certain range. Either way, you’ll need a reliable heart monitor to keep you on track.

Mat and Roller

Foam rollers have come into their own as tools to massage sore muscles using your own body weight. Further, a mat is good to have if you do floor work such as stretching or you use resistance bands, ab wheels, and medicine balls.

Mats and rollers are now accessories every athlete should have.

Shower Sandals

No fungus among us! If you shower at the gym, invest in a good pair of shower sandals for your health and everyone else’s. Your gym works hard to keep things clean and sanitary, so do your part by keeping your feet off the floor.

Gym Bag

All your gear needs to go in a sturdy gym bag. Choose one that has a separate place to put your stinky clothes. Some have ventilated compartments to let your stuff breathe and keep the smell to a minimum as you carry it all back home to the washer.

You’ve got the gear, now get in gear for your workout!


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