A triathlon is a multisport event consisting of swimming, cycling, and running races. Other variances exist, but this form is the most typical today. Triathletes compete for the best time in the overall competition as well as the individual races.

Changing stations for gear and clothing allow triathletes to transition into the next part of the race. All of this is important to know for those looking to enter a triathlon for the first time.

In this case, you must know the essential triathlon gear to have so that you have the best chance of winning or placing well in the competition.


Wetsuits are crucial for maintaining proper thermal insulation, buoyancy, and light protection when swimming. This is especially important for swimming over long distances and over varied course conditions.

Sizes range from a spring suit (a torso covering and shorts) to a full-body suit. Certain wetsuit accessories may help with your performance. Boots and hoodies provide further defense on top of the traditional suit and can help protect you from foreign objects.


Swimming goggles are another must to improve your performance in the water. They provide a huge advantage over your competitors who don’t wear them: mainly that you can see underwater.

Keep them watertight to avoid irritating your eyes or blurring your vision. Closing your eyes in the water may guide you off course, but goggles will protect your eyes long enough for you to finish the water race.


Keep in mind not every bicycle is the same. You should opt for one that’s designed for speed and long distances. It’s best to modify these with the best accessories that will improve your speed and performance.

For example, consider a leather bike saddle to increase comfort and support during long rides. Still, not everyone feels comfortable on a racing bike.

While most triathlons focus on bicycle road racing, some may incorporate different terrain, like off-road, where you’ll need a different bicycle, such as a mountain bike.

Running Shoes

Your body is a machine, and with that you need the best parts to keep it moving. This will help greatly for the last sequence of the race: running.

Running shoes are designed to provide a better connection between the runner and the ground while protecting against rocks, jagged pavement, or other road conditions. Certain designs can aid runners who suffer from a variety of foot issues, such as underpronation or overpronation.

The inside typically consists of rubber with plastic or metal stiffeners to restrict foot movement. Other running shoes are flatter and more flexible, which allow for quicker movements.

Appropriate Clothes

Believe it or not, some people don’t know how to dress on race days. The best solution to this is to wear a tri suit. These are designed specifically for triathlons and eliminate the need to change from your wetsuit to bike shorts to running shorts.

Tri suits are made from fast-drying fabrics that’ll make your transition stages smoother and quicker. Finally, socks, elastic laces, sunglasses, and other clothing accessories should be in mind to better your time.


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