In order to engage more with the sport of golf, you may want to go and watch tournaments featuring skilled players in both the amateur and professional realms. It can be a fun way to spend a day off and learn why so many people come to love golf and take up the sport themselves.

In preparation for your first time watching a match, read up on these things golf spectators should know.

Wear the Right Clothes

In most other sports, you can see all the action while sitting in a fixed spot in the stands. The distance that players cover on a golf course is far too expansive for this to work in golf, however.

Expect to do some walking as the competitors move from hole to hole and dress accordingly. You can generally follow what a golfer would wear as a guide, opting for polo shirts and khaki pants or shorts. Caps, brimmed hats, and sunglasses will help stave off the sun.

In addition, you should wear comfortable shoes, such as sneakers, that you can walk around in for extended periods.

Don’t Be a Distraction

Etiquette among players during a golf game dictates that each person should remain quiet whenever someone is hitting the ball. The same goes for the spectators.

You don’t want to be the person who’s causing a distraction for the golfers as they try and get focused during tense moments of competition.

Don’t chat with your friends when the golfers are hitting and don’t try to talk with the players during the game either. This way, they’ll be able to focus all their concentration on performing their best.

Know the Basics of the Game

Maybe you’re completely new to golf but have some friends who invite you to come along with them to watch a tournament. If this is your situation, an essential thing you should know as a golf spectator is a basic comprehension of the sport’s rules.

Learn fundamental aspects, including how golf scores are tallied, the difference between drives and putts, and the names of the different parts of the typical course.

You’ll have much more fun when you have a better grasp of what is going on.


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