As a man, it is always a great thing to spice up your wardrobe. This tends to be something that is not commonly encouraged by society, however, that does not mean men should not look into it. 

Developing a sophisticated wardrobe can say a lot about a man. It presents an image of maturity, professionalism, and self-care. Why not also make it fun, and have a few unique items to breakout every now and then? 

Here, we offer a list of some essential items every sophisticated man needs in his wardrobe. 

A Silk Tie

Having a few ties to choose from is always good, given some will pair better with certain suits than others. One that you cannot go wrong with is a plain colored silk tie. This is a classic accessory that can be worn with any suit combination, as well as any formal occasion. 

A Colored Button-Down Shirt

It can become very boring to wear a white shirt all the time. Get some variety by owning a few shirts of varying colors. Go with a button-down of a light color, such as blue, yellow, or even pink. These shirts with just one or two suits can offer you multiple looks. 

A Polo Shirt

You should also have a lighter shirt for warmer weather or more casual occasions. To keep a classy appearance, a polo shirt can be a great option. You can choose either a long sleeve or a short sleeve polo. 

The beauty of this style of shirt is it can be paired with many different things. You can wear a polo with anything from a nice pair of jeans to a sport coat. 

A Pair Chinos

A pair of chino pants are great for looking good on a casual night out. What’s great about chinos is that they come in many colors. There are options of whites, and greys, as well as traditional khaki. Pair these with a blazer or a classic t-shirt, and you will look fit for an evening. 

A Navy or Gray Suit

When it comes to essential items every sophisticated man needs in his wardrobe, this is one of the most important. As a man, you need a classy suit for special formal occasions. Going with a blue or gray single-breasted suit is a great choice, as they stand out from the common black suit. 

A Dress Cane

This one is purely a fun option. Whether you are going out for a special evening at the opera or to a favorite restaurant, there is nothing as classic and classy as walking and dress canes. And age does not matter. With the right attire, a stylish cane will suit you just fine. 


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