Golf is a fun way to spend a day outdoors with friends, and let’s face it, these days there aren’t too many opportunities to do that. People enjoy golf because you can get some exercise, have some drinks, and get some sun on the course. 

Golf is also a useful way to raise money or do some corporate bonding. Charities, businesses, and social clubs use golf outings to bring people together for a good cause. 

No matter the reason, setting up a golf outing is no small task, and there are many things to consider beyond improving your golf swing.

Find a Course

First things first, you’ll need a golf course to host the event. Look for a course that is willing and able to accommodate the event. Older, more established courses have experience hosting outings and might be able to assist in the planning. 

Avoid small courses that are short on amenities, but don’t go to the swankiest country club, either. If the course is too expensive, you’ll drown in overhead, and the day will be a net loss. 

Set the Format for the Outing

Determining the format—or style of play—for the outing will go a long way toward determining how much fun the attendees have. 

If experienced, above-average golfers will attend, then a shotgun start is the best option. This format involves the groups spreading out to all 18 holes and starting the round at the same time. 

Less-experienced golfers will enjoy a “best ball” event. That’s when everyone hits from the best shot, no matter where their own landed. It keeps the day moving along and speeds up the rate of play.

Decide on Contests and Events

Events on the course make the even lively and encourage competition. Dedicate one hole to a “closest to the pin” contest, and on another, allow players to buy a mulligan. On the long par-5 holes have a “longest drive” contest. Short par-3 holes are good for “hole-in-one” contests, too. 

Find sponsors to promote each hole, and ask them to donate the prize. Get custom-made signs made up to display at each hole so that everyone knows what they are playing for and who donated the prize. The advertising on the sign is a good way to get sponsors.

Promote the Event

Setting up a golf outing doesn’t mean much without people to attend it. Promote the outing anywhere you can. 

If it’s a corporate event, send invites out to clients and vendors. If the event is for charity, then promote it on social media, the radio, with flyers, or in the newspaper. Nothing is off-limits when promoting events. 


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