Outside of practice, wall ball is the most important thing for lacrosse players to adopt to improve their craft, but you shouldn’t stop there. To compete at the highest level in the fastest game on two feet, you will also need to hit the gym. 

Like any other sport, there are some great exercises tailored specifically to lacrosse gameplay. Find out about some of the best exercises for lacrosse players ahead. 

Power Cleans

Whether you are on offense or defense, there are plenty of situations on the field when you may need to turn on the jets and run past whoever is guarding you. Power cleans are an excellent way to improve your explosiveness on the field. 

To perform a power clean, you will need a barbell and some weight plates. A power clean is like a deadlift, except you will be lifting the bar up the front of your shoulders. Start with a lightweight to get the form down and avoid injury.  

Cable Chops

Lacrosse heavily involves passing and shooting with a stick, which is why cable chops are another excellent exercise for players to try. 

To get the most out of cable chops, imagine the bar attachment as your stick and move in a shooting motion. With the added weight and resistance, you can drastically improve your passing and shooting speed once you get a lightweight shaft back in your hands. 

Ladder Drills

Lacrosse is also a game full of cuts, which is why you should prioritize your footwork as well. Ladder drills are by far the best way anyone can improve their footwork, and there are a wide variety of different movements that can improve your speed and agility. 

Medicine Ball Workouts

A medicine ball is a very valuable exercise accessory that lacrosse players can use to improve their game. Overhead slams and throwing the medicine ball against the wall while rotating can improve a player’s shot and explosiveness. 

Lacrosse players should also focus on their core. A great exercise for that is Russian twists, which involve sitting down on the floor and moving a medicine ball side to side.

HIIT Workouts

Lacrosse is the fastest game on two feet for a reason, and adopting High-Intensity Interval Training is a great way to prepare for accurate gameplay situations that involve short bursts of speed. 

Playing while you are tired is the key to success when the game is on the line, and improving your stamina with HIIT workouts is the best way to get there. When you are doing HIIT workouts, don’t hesitate to have a stick and ball in your hand as well. 

Don’t Forget to Stretch!

In addition to trying some of the best exercises for lacrosse players, it’s also vital that you stretch before and after every workout. 

Working out and stretching as an athlete is just as important for preventing injuries as it is for becoming a stronger player. Utilize accessories like a foam roller and take part in plenty of dynamic and static stretches. 


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