Many sports at every level now utilize artificial turf for various reasons. While playing on a natural grass surface is ideal for some sports like soccer or baseball, other sports like football and lacrosse benefit from playing on field turf surfaces. 

Artificial turf has evolved since the days of old-school AstroTurf. Learn more about the advantages of artificial turf for sports ahead.

Reduces Injuries

First, adding artificial turf to a sports facility can do a great deal in reducing injuries, contrary to what some might believe. 

Field turf presents a far more consistent playing surface compared to natural grass fields, which are unable to withstand the weather elements. 

For example, with field turf, drainage that is intended for commercial use can be installed around a track or in the turf itself to prevent flooding and standing water.

Easier to Maintain

A natural grass playing surface also requires frequent maintenance for it to reach the same level of consistency as field turf. 

When it comes to field turf maintenance, you do not have to mow the grass or water it, and you can remove snow during the winter and retain most of the field’s integrity. While field turf does deteriorate, it happens over a long time, and it can stay in good condition for years.

Visually Appealing

Field turf is also visually appealing. Field turf allows for sharp lines and dynamic designs you can implement to showcase team colors and more. You could adopt a blue field like Boise State if you want to. 

Eliminates Use of Harmful Chemicals

The final advantage of artificial turf for sports is that you can do away with all the chemicals needed to maintain a natural grass field like fertilizer and pesticides. 

Instead, you only need turf beads, which are not as dangerous. Moving away from these chemicals also helps reduce the costs for that maintenance.


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