eCoronaPass is offering vaccination management, self-scheduling, inventory tracking, and automated reporting in their partnership with East Alabama Medical Center (EAMC).
INDIANAPOLIS -- eCoronaPass has announced a partnership with East Alabama Medical Center (EAMC) in providing a vaccination management software solution. The software features the ability for self-scheduling of vaccines, real-time reporting, inventory management, and much more.

eCoronaPass was able to meet the deadline of less than 2 weeks to have the software set up, allowing for Alabama residents to sign up and schedule their COVID vaccine. The software is fully scalable and functional to meet the demands of EAMC, capable of handling over 1 million people simultaneously.

Through this partnership, eCoronaPass will facilitate and expand its ease-of-use software into other counties in the state of Alabama. The software features compliance with the state, as well as offering real-time reporting.
"We are excited for this new partnership with EAMC," says Happy Dhani, CEO of Softbir, the leader of medical software solutions which includes eCoronaPass. "Our eCoronaPass software has been an effective platform for healthcare providers. We knew that optimizing our software to be able to incorporate effective modules for the vaccination rollout was necessary for successful implementation. It is more critical than ever to rapidly deploy these vaccines with ease of use to healthcare providers and suppliers."
The United States has overall struggled with the vaccine rollout regarding organization, inventory tracking, scheduling, and more. eCoronaPass is helping EAMC overcome these obstacles to efficiently distribute vaccines to Alabama residents, saving lives and creating a healthier atmosphere for the state.

The inventory management feature of the software will allow for EAMC to keep tracking of vaccines being administered to patients, as well as being able to track the total vaccines stored in order to prevent waste since that has become a major problem in the country's rollout.

The eCoronaPass software will give EAMC and its patients a peace-of-mind. Patients can take control of their health by scheduling appointments with available EAMC sites that fit their availability and needs.

eCoronaPass is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), compliant with HIPAA/HITECH/NIST standards, and follows all FDA/CDC regulations, allowing for a safe and secure portal for patients and providers.

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