Sometimes in the NBA, there are teams that are just so strong, it’s hard to see beyond a select few genuine contenders for the championship. 

Last year, the Los Angeles Lakers ultimately reigned supreme, and while he didn’t win the coveted MVP award, LeBron James was always the king of the courts for many fans.

Nevertheless, there are teams that suddenly come out of nowhere to defy all the odds, such as the magnificent Miami Heat run to the NBA Finals last season, as per basketballreference.com

Although they ultimately didn’t win the championship, nobody had predicted they would get that far at the start of the campaign. Just imagine spotting and backing that potential earlier in the season.

Mulling Over the Betting Options

When certain familiar teams are dominating their divisions and topping the conference standings, it can be difficult finding genuine value as we look through the wagering options. 

The favorites will inevitably be at shorter odds, whichever betting lines we look at, although some careful thought and analysis can also help with our choices.

This is why browsing through howtobet.com can prove both useful and educational. Much more than just a list of the leading sportsbooks operating in the United States, with online betting companies reviewed and rated for the quality of their services. 

The site also features numerous in-depth guides and strategy tips, aimed at novices and experts alike.

Given there are so many different betting lines and options available to NBA fans, it makes good sense to understand what they all mean. 

Before dropping your hard-earned cash on the line, learn more about comparing different sportsbooks to find the best value. Get to grips with how moneyline betting odds work, along with how to follow in-play markets.

Essentially, being better prepared will often result in more successful betting. Knowing the betting markets in more detail will also help shape your choices, whenever looking through the daily and weekly fixtures. 

There are always plenty of upsets and surprising results in the NBA, which is why online and mobile betting on basketball games has become so popular.

Standing Tall Amongst the Giants

Betting on the favorites all the time isn’t always that rewarding, especially if they take an unexpected tumble against one of the underdog teams. 

That’s why it’s always handy to evaluate which teams have the potential to become surprise packages, capable of hitting good form and putting together a solid string of results.

Despite a poor start to the regular season, the Memphis Grizzlies have put together a great run through January, winning seven consecutive games before the end of the month (reported by NBA.com). 

2020 Rookie of the Year Ja Morant has been producing stellar performances, which makes the 21-year-old guard one of their key players, within a team that shouldn’t be underestimated.

There’s also a former NBA favorite and familiar name that could make a sudden resurgence. Golden State Warriors tanked last season, and results have been mixed so far in 2021, yet they remain hard to ignore when checking the moneyline odds. 

Stephen Curry is back in great shape and without any doubt, they will be driving towards featuring in the playoff picture.

Following the departure of James Harden to the Brooklyn Nets, everyone predicted a season of struggles for the Houston Rockets, yet they might become the surprise package of the season. 

Less reliant on one-star players and looking increasingly more solid as a team, the Rockets are in flying form, relays SI.com, which could see them emulate the kind of trajectory Miami Heat enjoyed last year.

Follow the Stats & Bet Wisely

Whenever wagering on games, don’t forget to put all your knowledge to good use. Pay close attention to the results and statistics, keep a keen eye on player form, and always follow team news carefully. 

Betting is an entertaining way to follow the action when done responsibly and with moderation, especially if there’s a chance to profit, but always keep it real.


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