Spring is here and both baseball and the road are calling out to you. Why not heed the call and hit the road to catch a few games, meet a few up-and-coming players, and enjoy the atmosphere and excitement of America’s minor-league ballparks? 

If you, your family, or your buddies are sports fans, there’s no better way to combine the excitement of the game with the thrill of the open road. 

Here’s how to plan a minor league baseball road trip with no hassles and plenty of fun at the old ballgame.

Prepare Your Car

You’re not getting anywhere unless you have a vehicle that can get you somewhere. Bring your car in for a full inspection and checkup. Ensure the tires are all inspected and properly inflated and that the wheels have been rotated

All the fluids need to be clean, clear, and topped off, with a special focus on the oil, transmission fluid, and wiper fluid. Give it a good cleaning and detailing as well, and make sure you keep the tank filled.

Where To Go and When?

Do some research before you go. If you’re unfamiliar with minor league teams, schedules, and stadiums, look them up online. Some states host many minor league teams, making it possible to see several games within a short time span, while a few have just one. 

Consider if you want to make one big trip, or to see one or two games a year over a longer period of time. Sites are available that allow you to schedule a series of game visits over the course of days or weeks.

Obviously, make sure the home team is in town that day, and check the weather or usual climate conditions around that time of year to avoid a rainout. If you can, buy your tickets in advance so you’re not left standing outside the stadium on game day.

What About the Rest of the Day?

Chicago Cubs shortstop and first baseman Ernie Banks once said, “It’s a beautiful day for a ball game...let’s play two!” Regrettably, even if you enjoy a doubleheader at one of the games you attend, you’ll have to find something else to do the rest of the time. 

Find a place to stay, of course—preferably near the ballpark—and explore your dining options in the area near the hotel as well as the stadium (you can’t live by beer and hotdogs alone, after all). 

Explore local attractions and get a feeling for the town you're visiting. Just be sure to make it to see the first pitch!

Support the Team!

When considering how to plan a minor league baseball road trip, don’t forget to bring a lot of team spirit, even if you don’t have a personal or regional connection to the home team! 

Show your support by cheering them on and buying plenty of home team merchandise to wear back home. These will surely provoke plenty of conversations with your friends, family, and workmates that start out, “The...who?”


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