Many wear a jersey like a badge of honor, whether they’re on the field or just a supporter. That’s why everyone can agree a dirty jersey does no one any good, especially with all the inventive designs used today. 

If you’re washing at home or using commercial laundry equipment to take care of the entire team, here’s how to properly wash sports jerseys. 

Remove Stains Individually

Sports jerseys endure a lot on the field, which often results in grass stains, dirt, mud, and sometimes blood. Instead of throwing stained jerseys in with the rest of the load, it’s better to treat the stain by hand first. 

One method to remove stains involves applying a water and vinegar solution and then scrubbing it with a toothbrush. 

Wash Inside Out

Another common mistake you might be making is not washing uniforms inside out. 

The problem with washing a jersey normally is that it can result in numbering sticking to the others in the load and cause damage to the various patches and stitching on the jersey. If you are washing a baseball or softball jersey, it’s best to unbutton them as well. 

Wash in Cold Water

The next tip on how to properly wash sports jerseys is one you might have heard before—wash it in cold water. When you wash sports uniforms in warm water, you run the risk of causing fading and other damages. 

It’s also recommended you wash jerseys with others that have the same colors to prevent staining. So don’t put home and away jerseys in the same load!

Use the Right Detergent

Next up, we have to talk about the type of detergent you should be using. For jerseys, you’ll want to go with a detergent that doesn’t have lots of bleach and other chemicals. 

Using a gentle detergent is a good move, and you can find plenty of detergents out there tailored towards sports jerseys to make the process easy. Another important note when cleaning jerseys is to avoid using fabric softeners. 


The final piece of the puzzle is to make sure you air-dry the jerseys after they come out of the wash. 

Throwing sports jerseys in the dryer can lead to shrinkage, so make sure you hang them away from sunlight so they can dry properly, and you can actually wear pads underneath them. 


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