The Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight occurred on Sunday night, and man was it funny to watch. Mayweather wasn't even trying in the fight, and the 44-year-old absolutely destroyed the racist YouTuber in the high-profile boxing match.

It seemed like Floyd didn't even throw a punch in the first few rounds, and he definitely was not giving full punching power. The fight went all eight rounds, but it was definitely by design so Money Mayweather makes the most out of it. 

We had a video that went viral on Twitter (but it was removed, probably because of how sensitive Logan Paul is) where it shows Floyd actually knocking out Logan, but holding him up to keep the money rolling in:

Logan Paul probably saw everyone talking about it, so the Puerto Rican resident (to dodge taxes) had to defend himself. He was definitely triggered, as seen in the video below.

But here is video proof:

We are not trying to discredit anything. Logan Paul and his younger (also racist) brother Jake are discrediting the sport of boxing by saying they are real boxers. Logan claiming his fight against Floyd as legit is laughable. 

The stats speak for themselves:

The fight was definitely lucrative though, and it probably has a lot of old boxers excited that they can make millions beating up YouTubers in exhibition matches. 

People are using this fight to discredit Floyd, but it was an exhibition match. Who wouldn't take this easy money? Mayweather is estimated to make over $100 million from this fight, with some sources saying he could be making over $200 million even. 

Great legalized bank robber of all time. The GOAT. 

Also, Logan and Jake Paul are still frauds. 


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