Now that the NBA season is starting its postseason action, most of the league at large has begun to think about what moves they should make towards next season. 

One of the main focuses for teams right now is getting down and doing as much research as possible on all the best prospects for the upcoming NBA draft. 

With NBA draft odds experts already predicting who some of the favorite prospects will be in this year’s ceremony, there are some very good players that can go unnoticed by some but that have all the potential to become stars in the league.

So which sleeper prospects should NBA teams look into if they wish to find a true diamond in the rough? Here are four that come to mind. 

Franz Wagner, SF, Michigan

The Michigan Wolverines were one of the best teams in last season’s NCAA basketball action and one of their shining players was small forward Franz Wagner

Wagner is not a stranger to pro-level basketball having played in the top German basketball league before coming to play for Michigan. 

While his performance in last season’s NCAA tournament didn’t really help his draft stock rise, Wagner offers a perfect mix of size, quick decision-making, and basketball IQ that can help him enter the league more comfortably than other prospects.

Wagner needs to improve in certain areas, like his three-point shooting skills and inconsistency on offense as well as his assertiveness. 

But with the proper coaching and learning from his teammates once in the pros, Wagner can easily become a steady option at forward for any team in the NBA.

Davion Mitchell, G, Baylor

Davion Mitchell was one of the leaders of last season’s title-winning Baylor Bears team and with his ability to work as either a point guard or shooting guard, he can easily make a case for being a sleeper for a top 10 pick. 

His defensive skills are easily what can make teams see him as such an appealing pick as well as his physical aptitudes. His offensive game is good, maybe a bit predictable for some insiders but the kid has the chops to be dangerous when needed.

Thinking of drafting Mitchell with the idea of having him be a star from the get-go in the league might be a bit of a stretch. 

But if given the chance to be polished properly by a good coaching staff he could easily become a good option at either shooting guard or point guard for any team looking for a future prospect with definite upside.

Corey Kispert, F, Gonzaga

If any team out there is looking for a top-grade shooter, then Corey Kispert is a definite go-to pick. 

Starting out with the fact that he’s coming out of Gonzaga, one of the best schools when regarding college basketball as of lately, Kispert can offer some league-ready qualities and IQ that players from other schools might not. 

Adding to his shooting skills, Kispert is coming off playing in one of the best defensive systems in the NCAA so his defensive toughness and strength should not be an issue.

What does Kispert need to make it big in the league? A team that’s willing to help him become an even better version of the player he was in Gonzaga, where he can continue to perfect his ball-moving and jump-shot skills. 

If a team is willing to make the investment in Kispert, they will end up with a formidable player for the long haul.

Josh Giddey, G/F, Australia

The good thing about the NBA draft is that players don’t only necessarily have to come from the NCAA to cause a major splash. 

Look at Toni Kukoc, Yao Ming, Manu Ginóbili, and this blond kid from the Mavs? What’s his name? Oh yeah, Luka Doncic! 

For this year’s draft several prospects from different corners of the world are lining up to make their bid for a spot in the NBA and one of the most exciting prospects is Aussie Joshua Giddey.

Giddey is seen by experts and analysts as the best all-around passer in the draft and with his pro ball experience from playing in Australia and advanced basketball IQ he’s too good to let slip. Oh yeah, he’s only 18. 

His jump shot needs polishing and he could use some work in finessing his defensive techniques but his level of toughness and maturity easily make up, especially when thinking of him as a project with some major results ahead.

He needs work to continue building his physical frame but Giddey has all the right tools to make any team feel optimistic about the definite upside from drafting the player from down under.


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