Whether you’re an ambitious beginner or a seasoned pro, you may have goals and targets in mind. Active people and sports lovers tend to be competitive and ambitious by nature, and the desire for continuous improvement is par for the course. 

If you’re keen to take your performance to the next level, this guide is packed with tips and tricks. 

Expert Coaching

Coaches play an integral role in enhancing performance, improving technique, and motivating individuals to push themselves to fulfill their potential. 

If you don’t already work with a coach or a personal trainer, it’s an excellent idea to consider hiring one. No matter how long you’ve been playing a sport or training, you can benefit from expertise and experience. 

Coaches can help you hone your skills, build confidence and develop new ways of thinking that will elevate your performance in the ring or on the court, pitch, or field. 

Working with a coach or trainer can also help you perfect your technique and learn drills that will condition your body, improve speed, agility, stamina, and reaction times and ensure you play the game safely to reduce the risk of injuries.

Setting Goals and Targets

Setting goals can be hugely beneficial for maintaining motivation and charting progress. When you set targets or outline objectives, try to be ambitious but make sure your goals are realistic and achievable. 

If you have a milestone in mind, such as completing a marathon or representing the state in a sport, break down your goals into manageable steps. 

This is particularly important if you are relatively new to training or you’ve only just picked up a sport. Use targets to keep in mind how far you’ve come, and push yourself when you find training tough or your motivation drops. 

Take Inspiration From Elite Athletes

If you love watching sports, or you’re passionate about fulfilling your potential, take inspiration from elite athletes. 

Watch how they move, view documentaries and read blogs and articles about backstories and career journeys, and watch matches, games, and competitions for the top sports trophies in the world. 

You can learn a huge amount by analyzing performances, and you can take inspiration and increase motivation by learning how elite athletes have made it to the top and what they’ve accomplished along the way. 

When you watch competitions, you can get ideas to improve your own performance and change your game for the better. 

Increasing Motivation

Whether you’re training for an event, you’re eager to move up a level and play for a better team, or you’re new to exercise and you want to improve your health, motivation is key

Being physically fit and having good technique are only part of the equation. It’s also crucial to have the mental strength, determination, and commitment to get to where you want to be. 

It’s not always easy to stay motivated. Even the most ambitious performers and athletes will have had days when they would rather have stayed in bed than train at 6 o’clock in the morning. 

To maintain high levels of motivation, vary your training and workout program, introduce friendly competition, make exercise more fun and work towards goals. 

Always remember why you set out to establish targets in the first place, and focus on how you will feel after the session rather than during it. 

Recognizing and Eliminating Barriers and Obstacles

Many people find that they encounter obstacles or they make excuses that hold them back and prevent them from fulfilling their potential. 

From saying you don’t have time to go to the gym to struggling to afford professional coaching, it’s not always easy to follow the path you want to take. 

Identify hurdles and try to overcome them. Switch up your routine and outline your priorities if a lack of time is an issue. Schedule breaks for training and practice, and try to manage your time more effectively. 

If practical issues, such as money, are getting in the way, try to find solutions. 

You may be able to find coaches or organizations that offer training for a lower price or opportunities to apply for financial assistance or support if you’re talented and you have the credentials to get to an elite level. 

There are also many free ways to get fit and improve sporting performance for amateurs and those keen to adopt a more active lifestyle. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a gym membership or the latest home gym equipment. 


Humans are naturally competitive creatures, and most of us find that we up our games when we have an opponent. 

If you are used to training alone, or you want to eke out that extra 5-percent to gain an advantage when playing sports, competing is an excellent idea. 

It doesn’t matter whether you take a friend for a jog with you or start playing in tournaments or prestigious competitions. Whatever level you are at, you can benefit from competing against others or trying to set a time or distance others want to beat. 

When there’s a competitive element, you may find that you push yourself harder and that the other person, the clock, or the team you’re facing bring out the best in you. 

Taking part in competitions can also be a useful learning experience. Winning can be a source of motivation but often, losing is equally valuable as it pushes you to work harder. 

Whether you are a talented athlete trying to make it to the big time, or you’ve recently started training to get fit or prepare for an event, it’s natural to want to improve your performance. There are multiple ways you can enhance your performance. 

From setting goals and working with expert coaches to maintaining motivation, taking inspiration from professionals, and competing against others, you can gain physical and mental strength, develop skills and learn how to push yourself. 

If you’re struggling to get out of a rut or you’ve plateaued, identify potential obstacles, find solutions, and focus on how far you’ve come and where you want to get to. It is possible for anyone to elevate their performance, no matter their level of expertise or experience. 


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