Rooting for your favorite team is fun and provides a sense of connection to a wider group of people. 

Young children learn to play on teams, and they also learn a sense of loyalty to the team. They learn to console each other, cheer each other on and celebrate successes. 

As adults watching and cheering for your favorite team is a great way to socialize and be part of a like-minded group. 

The players need the fans. When the bleachers are full, the excitement is contagious, and the players can feel that energy.  

Here are five essential things every dedicated fan needs to show their team they support them.

Team Gear 

One of the best ways to show team spirit is by wearing the team’s colors. The internet is awash with wild photos of shirtless fans painting their bodies and faces. But you don’t have to go to those lengths to show your spirit. 

You can be one of the hundreds or thousands of dotted colors in the stands by wearing clothing in the team’s colors and logos. There are hats, jackets, jerseys, and other fun items to buy. 

Watch any team on television, and you’ll see the stands saturated with the team’s colors. In Ireland, rugby shirts worn by fans seem to paint the stadiums with the team spirit. 

All that gear makes being at the game fun because you can immediately identify who is friend or foe, and good-natured teasing of the opposite team is part of sports.

Team Spirit

Learn the customs of the crowd that supports your team and participate. 

If there is a regular song for the 7th inning stretch, sing along. If the fans perform the wave or arm movements for a touchdown, have some fun and participate. 

These traditions show support. To see a huge portion of the crowd shouting the same things when a play is made is very encouraging to the players. They can feel your support.

Vehicle Gear

Show your team support with a bumper sticker or window decal, and then tailgate

Tailgating is where fans show up in the stadium parking lot hours early and set up barbeques and pot locks and socialize with family and friends. Some display signs that identify what part of the city or school they attended, making the party almost a reunion. 

The sports teams know this and encourage this. If you’re fortunate, sometimes the players will drive through the lots and sign autographs.

Pet Accessories

Get the entire family involved in supporting your team. Purchase some sports gear for your pet. 

When you take your dog for a walk on game day, and they are wearing a jacket or scarf in the team’s colors, you’ll be surprised at the reaction you’ll receive. 

If you have sports items for your pets, they can wear them on Halloween to greet the trick or treaters. It’s a fun way to show what team your household supports.

Season Tickets

A great way to support your team is to pre-buy season tickets. This shows the team you are behind them no matter the outcome. You’ll have a regular assigned seat. 

Often season ticket holders become friends with the other season tickets holders seated around them. They look forward to returning to the same seats year after year and cheering with their stadium friends. 

With season tickets, you won’t have to worry about sold-out games if the team is playing wonderfully. And if the team plays poorly, they have already received your support.


Part of the fun of watching sports is being a fan. 

When wearing or displaying your fan gear, you’ll easily be able to identify with like-minded enthusiasts, and wherever you go, you can strike up a conversation about the team. 

When you go to a game and participate by wearing your team's colors or participating in one of the traditions, the team can feel the crowd's energy and won't want to let their fans down. 


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