Sports draw in millions of followers and fans. While many children dream of being professional athletes when they grow up, the chances of that happening are slim. 

However, if you dream of having a sports-related job, that is definitely feasible. Several sports jobs do not require any athletic ability. 

Here are some options for sports enthusiasts.

Sports Radio

If you love talking about sports, a job as a sports radio host could be a perfect fit. Sports radio stations cover all sports at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels. 

There are many other jobs at a sports radio station if you aren’t keen on being the voice of the station. Professionals are required to launch, record, edit and manage the coverage. 

Stations may have needs for marketing, advertising, research, writers, and web design. These careers can all help combine your passion for sports and your work skills to result in a job you love.


Sports marketing is a career path for those who can implement a creative approach to promoting teams. 

Sometimes sports enthusiasts do a great job because they know what other sports-lovers want to see, hear or do and can connect more easily with the target audience.

Social Media Management

For experts in all social media platforms, a social media manager for a sports team could be a dream job. You will be responsible for capturing photos and video footage and writing captivating posts for the team’s social media accounts, as well as responding to fan comments. 

Social media allows for the team to connect with fans on a global level. Compelling, relevant, and interesting content posts can increase fan engagement, build followers, and have tremendous effects on the sales, fanbase, and turnout for teams.


Math experts may thrive as sports data analysts. Statistics are a large part of sports, and analyzing the data provided is critical for outcomes. 

Statistics have long been used in baseball for batting averages and other data points. However, the use of data analytics is expanding tremendously. 

It can now be used to maximize attendance, scout prospective players, and enhance performance, among others. Fantasy sports, betting, video games, and more also rely heavily on data, statistics, and analysis.

Youth Sports 

Involvement in your local chapter of the YMCA or Boys and Girls Club is a meaningful way to impact children in your community while working with sports. 

You can direct or organize sports, camps, lessons, and other activities for the youth. Youth camps are another great way to interact with children while instilling hard work, communication, and teamwork.

Recreational Leagues

Managing or directing recreational leagues is a job for a motivated, organized person. Communication and organizational skills are required to facilitate smooth operations. You can be involved in one or many sports. 

Depending on the organization, location, and budget, you may have the freedom to start day camps for sports to teach and enhance game skills. 

Recreational leagues can be youth and adult, allowing for some flexibility and options depending on the group and sports preferences. Bigger cities will typically offer more options.

Medical in Sports

There are multiple medical career paths in sports. Exercise physiology is a popular field in which the body’s reactions to movement are studied. 

This is popular because, when applied appropriately, it can improve the athlete’s fitness, help with injury rehabilitation, enhance conditioning, and help manage chronic conditions. 

Sports teams often hire exercise physiologists to help improve performance through individualized plans. Athletic training is another career in which a hands-on approach to healing, wellness, and training is practiced. 

You will travel with the team, attending games and practices to help with athlete injuries, education on avoidance of injuries and appropriate techniques, and handling of medications and examinations.


The possibilities for involvement in sports while working a variety of jobs is endless. There are many office jobs, too.  

A quick internet search combining your job interest and sports may yield multiple results. You will be surprised at all of the ways you can be involved in sports without actually participating!


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