A pregame ritual is something most athletes have because what they do before a match can dictate how they perform. Lacrosse is no different; players should do specific things beforehand. 

Below are some tips for getting ready for a lacrosse game helpful for any player. 

Check Your Stick

In lacrosse, players need to be careful about how their stick is strung to ensure it’s legal. This means checking for specific things such as your pocket, stringing, and tape. 

By keeping up with stick maintenance, you can stay out of the penalty box. 

Prepare for the Elements

Lacrosse is also played in a wide range of seasons. It traditionally starts during the worst part of winter. If you play for a club team, you also must play in the middle of the summer. 

Make sure you’re ready to play your best. Keep the weather as a non-factor by wearing a sweatshirt if you’re playing in the cold or staying hydrated when you’re out in the sun all day. 

Fuel Up

When getting ready for a lacrosse game, make sure you eat plenty of nutrients for the necessary energy. 

Eat a super healthy meal a few hours before the game that has lean protein such as chicken, eggs, or salmon. Then choose a complex carbohydrate like a sweet potato, quinoa, or brown rice with some greens on the side. 

Stretch It Out

Every player is prone to injury, which is why stretching is a must for any lacrosse pre-game routine. If you don’t stretch out with your team, make sure you do some on your own before you play. 

Focus on stretching your legs, arm, and back. 

Do Some Drills

You should also do some drills with your teammates. Go out to the field early and do individual drills, too, like so many of the greats. 

This can include ladder drills, shooting, passing, and more. It’s so important to prepare your stick and yourself before a match. 

Get Your Mind Right

Before a game, you also need to focus on the mental side of things. Music tends to be the thing that gets people in the right mindset before a game, so curate a playlist. 

If music isn’t your thing, go for a walk or watch a show to calm yourself down. 


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