The popularity of marijuana has been on the rise due to its medicinal qualities and recreational benefits. 

More recently, it has gained popularity among athletes for its ability to help with chronic pain relief and other benefits such as appetite stimulation or relaxation before bedtime.

The NFL is notorious for its strict rules and discipline. Many players have been suspended or fined because of their behavior on the football field. 

Still, some players have broken the mold with their personal lives, especially now that the league is more lenient. Many of them have been under the lens of using weed. 

So who are these players? Below are the five best NFL players who like cannabis.

Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon has a reputation for being one of the most talented players in the league, and he’s also known to enjoy marijuana. So this weed lover probably has an idea about what is e-liquid and vape also. 

In 2013, Josh was suspended indefinitely after violating NFL drug policies by testing positive for smoking weed. 

He served an additional season-long suspension in 2014. Additionally, Josh got suspended for the entire 2015 season. He was missing in the first four games of the 2016 campaign. 

Von Miller

2013 was not a good year for NFL player Von Miller. Von was arrested for a DUI in 2012 and then suspended from six games by the NFL after testing positive for weed use. 

This happened during his rookie season with the Denver Broncos. Initially, he was suspended for four games before the NFL added two more. The Broncos didn't seem to miss him too much because they remained undefeated during his absence.

However, Von rebounded quite well after his suspension. In 2016, he won the Super Bowl 50 MVP award.

Cam Newton

Carolina Panthers Super Bowl quarterback Cam Newton had a spotless track record legal-wise for a long time since he joined the NFL. This was a track record most of the NFL players couldn't brag about. 

Things changed in February 2016 when he was spotted in a Nashville nightclub puffing on what most people believe to have been a weed joint.

The video made rounds on social media and caused a firestorm among fans. However, Cam wasn't suspended as many of his haters hoped.

Santonio Holmes

Santonio Holmes is among the super bowl heroes who are haunted by a checkered past. On several occasions, Holmes has admitted to dealing drugs in his teenage years, which probably normalized marijuana and made him use it regularly.

Santonio was busted for weed possession in October 2008. This came as no surprise to many since Holmes had been open about his blazing ways. 

The Pittsburgh police pulled over his sports utility vehicle and found three marijuana-filled cigars. Holmes claimed to have smoked the cigars the previous day. 

However, it didn't make sense to the police why he would drive around with weed cigars that he wasn't planning to smoke.

Later in March 2010, Holmes hinted at smoking marijuana on Twitter with a tweet that read "time to wake n bake" Shortly after this, the NFL announced that Holmes was being suspended. 

He got suspended for the first four games of the season. The league cited a violation of the league's policies on drug abuse as the reason.

Le’Veon Bell

Before becoming a free agent, Le’Veon Bell was a running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers. In 2014, he was sentenced to 15 months of probation after being charged with DUI and marijuana possession while driving under the influence. 

Former teammate LeGarrette Blount, a passenger in the car, was also cited for marijuana possession but was only suspended for one game.

Bell has a notorious reputation for smoking weed too much to the point that the NFL once gave him a random drug test.


There you have it; the best five NFL players who happen to love weed. It's not entirely illegal, so most of these athletes seem to be following the letter but not the spirit of what's written in their contracts with the league. 

Regardless, it is interesting that many football stars like Le'Veon Bell have been charged for smoking on several occasions. Yet, they still find a way around smoking even though it has detrimental effects on their career.

However, there seems to be some hope for these weed lovers considering that the NFL may consider legalizing weed. 

So, we may see more players coming out to the public and admitting their love for smoking marijuana and taking advantage of the green industry that is slowly gaining momentum in America. 

It seems clear that many players enjoy using cannabis without worrying about its effect on their careers.


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