Hoping to gain some mass may seem like an unusual issue, mainly because many individuals struggle to lose weight.

Most people link fitness and exercise to weight loss. However, there’s a time and place to gain weight, as well- and it can be just as challenging! Athletes want or need to gain muscular mass for attractiveness goals, health reasons, and for their sport.

Your first instinct as a player looking to gain weight may be to eat plenty more without many strategies. The problem with such a move is you won’t get the results you expect. You have to gain weight healthily if you want to succeed. 

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What is Clean Bulk?

Simply put, it’s healthily gaining weight. Performing a clean bulk means mixing consuming calorie and nutrient-dense foods and power training to earn as much ‘quality’ heaviness, or lean muscle mass, as possible.

The nutrients in unprocessed, whole foods will assist you in building it and support the rest of your body’s structures along the way.

Empty calories and refined foods, on the other hand, will probably include fat rather than muscle.

How to Gain Mass: The Quick Style

Here’s a straightforward formula for earning quality muscular heaviness:

Strength train approximately three to four times every week.
Track your nutrition to monitor your eating pattern,
Sleep a lot- six hours at least, eight hours preferably.
Eat plenty of healthy food.
Ingest shakes packed with protein, nutrients, and calories if eating gets costly or tiring.

Doug Kalman, Ph.D., RD, suggests that you should tune if need be and do the work and be tolerant. Also, you shouldn’t attempt to keep earning forever; give the above technique six to eight intense weeks, then dial back slightly and check what has transformed.

Doing it for months at once will increase your chances of adding fat and not muscle and tire you.

What Should You Eat to Gain Weight?

When you’re working to earn some heaviness, consuming sufficient food to witness the scale rise can be frustrating. It’s enticing to grab fast food or junk food to thrust your calories. However, you’ve got better alternatives: The particular muscle-building foods below are calorie-rich and nutrient-dense.


Olive oil and olives
Nut butter and nuts
Coconut oil, coconut, and coconut milk
Avocado oil and avocados
Cheese, full-fat dairy, and butter


Trail mix
Dried and fresh fruits
Pasta, bagels, and whole-grain bread
Starchy vegetables like peas and carrots
Sweet potatoes and potatoes


Red meat
Protein bars and ashes
Whole eggs
Red meat
Homemade protein treats
Dark meat turkey and chicken (drumsticks, thighs)

Weight-Gain Feed Plan

7:30 or 8 in the morning- two slices of whole-wheat toast with nut butter, a glass of milk, three to four eggs, and a bowl of fruit.
11 in the morning- grilled chicken thigh or breast, a cup or more of brown rice with nuts and olive oil, and broccoli.
3 in the afternoon- several more massive fistfuls of nuts, as well as some granola or dried fruit.
6 in the evening- post-exercise protein shake (if you workout at night)
7 in the evening- a grain or sweet potatoes, a big salad with avocado, flank steak.
10 at night- casein protein combined with nut butter, yogurt, or cottage cheese.

Mass Gain Shakes

Eating and preparing food can begin feeling like a task at one point. Here’s where shakes come in handy. Weight-gainer shakes are high-calorie smoothies or beverages that allow you to consume plenty of protein along with calories and other macros.

You could create your own or purchase a weight-gainer supplement.

6 Mass Gain Tips for Athletes

Here are some simple weight gain suggestions that you can try as an athlete:

Don’t Begin a Weight Gain Program During Season

You should always attempt to make body composition alterations during your off-season.

Eat Frequently

At least every three hours, and have a snack before you retire to bed.

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead of time if you’re looking to gain muscle. This allows you to have the appropriate foods present and at the ideal moments to enhance muscle development.

Always Be Prepared

Once you’ve done your stocking and preparing, always keep healthy bites in your car, gym bag, locker, etc., so you’re ever ready.

Meet With a Sports Dietitian

You may have the plan in order and all you need, but you’re not seeing any changes or don’t know how much your body needs. It helps to consult a certified sports dietitian. They can assist you in determining particular calorie, carbohydrate, protein, and fat requirements.

Go Easy on Yourself

You want to gain weight fast. (Almost) every athlete wants that. However, it would help if you remembered that you’re unique. Some players take a couple of weeks. Others take several months or more. It depends on the athlete in question.


Weight gain is essential for athletes. However, how you earn that mass is even more critical.
The gaining period is fragile, and you should treat it as such. Watch what goes into your mouth and how devoted you are to the cause.

When you feel like giving up, think about the prize waiting for you once you’re done. The tips above are easy to follow. You’ll be a healthy and heavy sportsperson before you know it.



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