History has been proof of how elite and noble sports professionals got expelled from respectful teams. The only reason behind such a drastic step from higher authority is their support for cannabis usage. 

Given the excellent advantages of using CBD, fans still wonder what exactly made the management penalize former respectable players like Ricky Williams and Al Harrington for their cannabis usage. But truth always predominates over anything else. 

That’s why both Harrington and Williams have now been starting their cannabis companies and touting multiple medical benefits of cannabis for wellness and recovery.

Although the plant is still banned amongst NFL, NBA, MLB, and the UFC, the NBA and NFL players are now quite open about the frequency of cannabis usage amongst athletes. 

Other sports team members have also come to the forefront to speak about the importance of medical marijuana in our everyday life. Today, UFC lets fighters use CBD. 

So, that made it become one of the first sports to have legalized vaping amongst its athletes. With that, MMA or mixed martial arts seems to pave the path of cannabis. 

Now we see fighters using cannabis and utilizing methods such as how to press kief from rosin in order to create their own extracts for vaping and even making them into edibles to give themselves a sweet treat and the benefits of cannabis. 

With that being stated, let’s check out the seven prominent MMA faces who think cannabis usage should happen openly.

Sean O’Malley

He’s a lightweight fighter, and his high work rate and personality are the two admiring factors. Sean Suga” O’Malley is and will never be shy about his use of cannabis. 

He thinks vaping is an art, and he was seen smoking with the stoner legend Snoop Doggupon the massive UFC victory. As of now, he has launched his new strain with an authentic combination of OG 92 and Lemonhead. 

If fighting is his first passion, vaping is the second. If O’Malley’s attitude towards vaping has influenced you, then visit and shop from many places. 

They provide the users with top-quality marijuana strains along with different vape accessories like vaporesso xros pods comes with 800 mah battery to make your vaping journey smooth. 

Jon Jones

There’s no denying that Jon Jones has become a fascinating pound-for-pound fighter of the UFC. And he’s open about his substance struggles. 

While PED’s and cocaine did their parts of derailing careers of promising fighting talents, Jones is clever and smart to vape over anything else.

Nick & Nate Diaz 

Calling the Diaz brothers undisputed CBD kings is no sheer exaggeration. We have seen a Diaz brother talking about passing drug tests despite smoking frequently. 

He was even banned for five whole years after getting caught. Nick’s brother, Nate, also stepped into the realm with a CBD oil vape during a press conference after his fight. Today, they are the legendary names in this industry.

Bas Rutten

Bas Rutten is another MMA fighter who likes to vape and also supports it. He shared an incredible tale about the lowest lows and highest highs accomplished after a fight. 

During his fighting career, he had accrued some injuries and developed an addiction to painkillers. The only thing he was left with was drugs such as Suboxone to eliminate his addictive tendency, but nothing seemed to help him. 

And that’s where using CBD oil for alleviating pain changed his life forever. Rutten also stated that the use of CBD oil eases out his training and promotes pain management. 

He also allows his daughter to use it for reducing zits and recommends it for better pain control and reducing muscle soreness.

Ronda Rousey

If there’s a dominating woman MMA fighter who has been an all-time-favorite and presently a WWE superstar, it’s none other than Ronda Rousey. 

She is pretty much clear about her positions about cannabis over a couple of years. After Diaz got suspended, Rousey also expressed her support for cannabis and him during interviews. 

She thinks that weed testing is not at all justifiable. After all, it has got nothing to do with performance enhancement.

When she shared her emotions about weed, many suspected that she also used it as she had spent time with these brothers. But despite all the rumors, Rousey’s support for cannabis usage matters the most.

Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle won his first two fights before testing positive for cannabis and getting released from that sport by initiating a promising beginning in UFC. 

The athlete is quite open about the use of cannabis. He consumed medical marijuana for physical aches alongside personality issues. Today, he’s a professional wrestler and has won the Rookie of the Year and Most Improved Wrestler for 2016.

Jon Fitch 

The former UFC title challenger is the most unspoken marijuana activist in MMA. After the demise of his close friend due to painkillers, Fitch became a patient of medical marijuana. 

He has already urged other fighters to talk about the marijuana benefits as he thinks marijuana lets you do all the positive things in life. 


The cannabis industry has rapidly acquired significant momentum due to its effective medical benefits. But sadly, the global legalization of the product is still dicey. 

Let’s wait and hope for a brighter tomorrow when everyone might embrace the significance of medical marijuana to alleviate pain, improve concentration, eliminate tension, and promote a healthier lifestyle. 

As of now, these celebrities can inspire the coming generations, with which the world can understand the multiple uses of CBD in the coming years.


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