Lots of people have ambitions to make money online. However, most people never actually accomplish it. If you are hoping to turn your fan page into a money-making machine, these tips can help.

Collaborate With Brands on Sponsered Content

If you have built a positive reputation on social media by sharing great content, then you may be able to convince brands to collaborate with you. 

Brands that are looking to increase their reach on social media seek out influencers to spread the word about their products and services to their followers. Look for brands that are a good match for your audience. 

For example, if you have built your audience around trending topics in the workplace, such as the hybrid workplace, then a collaboration with a company that sells computers, office supplies, or home office furniture might be a good match.

Be careful not to oversaturate your page with promotional material. You may lose your audience if your social media becomes too salesy.

Become an Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is probably one of the better-known ways to make money online. 

It is similar to partnering with a brand, except the focus is more on getting people to buy specific products, rather than promoting a brand. Affiliate programs work similarly to the way salespeople earn commissions on sales.

When you sign up with an affiliate marketer, you gain access to links that are tied to a code that is unique to your account. 

Whenever one of your followers clicks on that link and then buys something, you earn a small percentage of the sales price. 

Because the amounts are small, you need to have a large following to make much money this way and choose the products you promote carefully. 

The products should be something you think your audience will want to buy, otherwise, the links are likely to just annoy your audience.

Start Your Own Business

Starting a business is more difficult and requires more of an investment on your part than promoting other people's products, but it also has more income-generating potential, because you aren't just gleaning a small share of someone else's profits. 

What type of business you start depends on what your niche is. If you are an artist, photographer, musician, or another type of creative then the obvious route is to sell your art. 

For other types of accounts, you may want to consider selling fan gear, such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, and magnets, writing an e-book, or selling some type of course. 

Direct Your Audience to a Monetized Website

Rather than trying to make money directly off your fan page, you can use the fan page to attract visitors to monetized websites. You can use your website to sell products, post affiliate links, and host paid ads. 

If you have content on your website that people are willing to pay for, you can require people to pay for a subscription to access your website. You can also get people to pay you to post product reviews or include their content on your site. 

However, just like your social media sites, avoid making your website too promotional. You still need good content on the site or you will lose visitors.

Run a Facebook Store

You can use services, such as Shopify, to set up and run a store directly on Facebook. 

This may work well for attracting visitors who might be interested in your products but are wary of clicking on unfamiliar links and buying from an unknown website.

Become a Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadors regularly promote a specific brand they have an agreement with. Some companies list openings for brand ambassadors on their websites. Others recruit on a more informal basis. 

Once you have built up a following, you can try reaching out to brands you are passionate about to see if they are interested in paying you to promote them.


It isn't easy to make money off a fan page, but it can be done. 

The key is to build up a large, engaged following and find ways to monetize your social media without driving your fans away.


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