Whether you use it for recreational or medicinal reasons, you can use the flower of the cannabis plant. The seed of the cannabis plant is there for food and other things in the home (e.g., hemp seed or hemp oil). 

While many people purchase weed from places like buymyweedonline to smoke or vape it, you could also use it in food, drinks, tinctures, etc. Each different form subsequently has different concentrations and applicable uses.

There is much debate about how cannabis affects the body as time goes on. People report various physical and psychological effects, from pain relief and stress relief to harm and discomfort. 

In today's era, one of the most occurring questions in the brains of youth is "if it is fine to intake THC daily?" And according to research, there are medical benefits to consuming THC.

What Are THC & HHC?

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the primary psychoactive drug in cannabis. 

Making one high once fetched by cannabinoid receptors and HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol) is similar to THC with extra hydrogen and is present in cannabis naturally. 

HHC is present in cannabis in a minimal amount, hence extracting the exact cost. Extracts and concentrates such as crumble at purple penthouse provide great prices for cannabis consumers. 

Extracts such as shatter provide different benefits and use for individuals who are considering cannabis consumption. Shopping at sites like https://www.canadacannabisdispensary.ca/product-category/shatter/ can give you an idea of the prices and types of products offered. 

Strains of Cannabis

Majorly, there are three strains of cannabis: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. And all these 3 stains have their impact and effects on the brain and body of the consumer.


The strain Indica is mainly consumed during the nighttime as the effects for the same are: feeling relaxed and happy, and one starts to feel like sleeping within a couple of minutes after smoking the cannabis of Indica strain

Those who are fans of the Indica strain should consider moonrocks for sale, where the marijuana bud is dipped in hash oil then rolled in kief. 


Most people prefer to take a Sativa strain of cannabis in the daytime as one of the effects of consuming it is an increase in creativity. One may feel productive as the Sativa makes the mind high.

Also, the Sativa makes the serotonin released in the brain, which keeps one happy and regulates the learning part.


The hybrid strain is the blend of both strains, that is, Sativa and Indica, and has the properties of both strains. 

When to use the hybrid? In the daytime or nighttime? That depends on the proportion of the Sativa and Indica in the hybrid. 

What Happens After Consuming THC?

THC is considered one of the main components of cannabis. Once consumed, either way, that is inhaling through smoking or using edibles, the effect remains the same, but it takes longer to enter the system if consumed by taking edibles. 

The effects of consuming HHC on the body and brain depend upon the strain of cannabis being consumed. The Indica strain plays the role of relaxing the body, and the Sativa strain helps calm the brain. 

Moreover, the age of the person consuming the HHC and how frequent the user is are also a few factors that fluctuate the effect of HHC. 

As the regular user may experience the slight effect of consuming THC because of the increased tolerance level, and on the other hand, the new user or the one who consumes cannabis occasionally may feel higher effects even by just consuming the HHC in little quantity. 

Positive Impact Of THC

Most people use marijuana to cope with insomnia as it helps in sleeping. 

When the person smokes, the components in it travel from the lungs to the blood, and once reached in the brain, the effects of THC start to happen right away, and a few of those are relaxation, feeling happy, and staying concentrated. 

Some people prefer to smoke pot before starting their work, and most of those belong to the art profession such as designers, writers, painters, etc. 

They claim that the concentration level gets high when they get high on cannabis, and by more concentration, the work is done more creatively.

What If You Take Cannabis Daily?

Well, everything comes with a price. Smoking marijuana daily may be heavy on your pocket, but apart from that, consuming cannabis may become your habit. If one starts to consume it regularly, the problem is that one is smoking or taking food daily. 

Let's take it this way in a few regions where there is a cold climate; people over there drink coffee or tea regularly, which is fine if consumed in certain quantities, but what happens when they skip a day without having it?

They start craving it as their body becomes habitual of taking caffeine daily. Most daily consumers of coffee claim that they do feel low on a day they do not have coffee, and in a somewhat similar way, cannabis is, and that is the mind. 

The body of the regular pot consumer craves cannabis when he or she doesn't consume it, and the body gets habitual. But some people know how to handle withdrawals and keep control of the craving part as they have strong willpower.

Undoubtedly, cannabis is one of the greatest ways to cope with problems like stress, depression, anxiety, and deal with insomnia. 

Many users have claimed that taking HHC is way more effective and efficient than pharmaceutical pills. However, one should take the HHC in certain quantities as prescribed by a certified doctor. 

Not only the quantity part of HHC but also the specialist is also the right person to recommend the right strain of the HHC to the person based upon the requirements. 

The specialist can diagnose the physical and mental health of the person and then recommend the quantity and strain of the cannabis accordingly. 

Even one can ask the specialist what the right strain and quantity would be if one wants to use THC for recreational use.


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