Much of the country experiences a dip in temperatures during the winter months, and some will see several feet of snow. These conditions can be defeating for people who enjoy some time on the rock. 

Don’t hang up your climbing shoes just yet, though. Many within-reach destinations scattered across the US make the perfect boulder locations in the winter months. 

Bishop, California 

Bishop sees sunshine almost every day of the year and features some of the world’s most unique climbing problems. 

Located in central California, it toggles between the White Mountains and the Eastern Sierras. There are varying rock grades and styles for climbers of all experience levels to play on. 

Feel free to camp for a small fee—there are thousands of boulders to conquer, so make it a multiday trip or an extended stay if your heart desires. 

Hueco Tanks, Texas  

Hueco Tanks requires more effort and planning, as park access has some restrictions. As the park’s name would suggest, it’s home to some of the world’s best huecos and the classic V2 known as “Nobody Here Gets Out Alive.” 

Weather-wise, January in Texas sees fair temperatures hovering in the 50s. Due to the cooler conditions, remember to take along all the necessary climbing protection, including a helmet, as well as extra belays and climbing gloves. 

Joshua Tree, California 

Joshua Tree is a rather large destination—in fact, it’s bigger than the entire state of Rhode Island. Here, you can find climbing, hiking, Jim Morrison fans, and campers. 

In January, the average temperature range lingers in the 60s, making this the perfect boulder location in the winter months. It’s best to arrive during the week because the weekend is busy with travelers of all kinds. 

Horse Pens 40, Alabama 

Horse Pens 40 has private owners who graciously open up their park to climbers. This makes an excellent destination that caters to the East and Midwest for people who can’t get wet in the winter. 

Horse Pens 50 is home to the V4 Mortal Combat, and you must remember your crash pads for this climb. Winter weather conditions here are similar to those of Hueco Tanks, so you’re likely to enjoy the fresh, crisp air. 

Mount Lemmon, Arizona 

Mount Lemmon, located in the Sonoran Desert, houses sport, trad, and boulder problems. 

The Sonoran Desert is one of the most ideal destinations to climb all winter long, with close proximity to Tucson and a cheap camping fee. 

There’s easy access with the highway being so close, so any boulder is only a five-minute walk away. 


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