Watching the game is only part of the commitment sports fans give their team. For those who want to show team pride, their walls might be the team colors, or they might sleep with a comforter with the logo. 

Regardless of what they currently have, there's always a piece of memorabilia that you can give to any sports fanatic.

Grab a Pint

Giving a loved one a set of specialized pint glasses with their favorite team's logo is a simple gift that will put a smile on their face. Sports and downing some cold beverages go together like a 6-4-3 double play. 

The only downside is that if the team has a bad game, you have something breakable within an arm's reach. Maybe that's part of the reason MLB stadiums cut off alcohol sales after the seventh-inning stretch. 

Reading Between the Lines 

Giving someone a book can backfire at times. To some, receiving a book may feel like getting a homework assignment. 

However, reading a book is an excellent way to get a lot of the dirt about the game you otherwise wouldn't know. 

It can be refreshing to read the words of an athlete or coach in an unfiltered manner, making it worth your time to delve deeper into a subject. 

Put the Pieces Together 

In the same vein as a book, gifting someone a jigsaw puzzle seems like a chore. On the bright side, completing a jigsaw puzzle gives you a sense of pride, as if you won a championship. 

There are multiple iconic stadiums or arenas that would be enjoyable to work on. A beautiful mosaic of classic college basketball arenas would go well with your other hoop memorabilia. 

You can point to the finished product and say, "I did that!" 

Ticket Stub Diary

If there's one thing sports fans love to talk about, it's all the memorable games they attended. 

Instead of hoping your friends believe that you've been to every important game in that team's franchise, you can have the receipts to back it up. 

Having a collection of ticket stubs is an excellent way to reminisce about the event you were in attendance, particularly if it was a game that made history. 

For example, look at the prices for Shohei Ohtani's first game. Madness! A random June ticket stub may not mean much on the surface, but it would if it was the debut of a future hall of fame player.

Authenticity Has Its Price 

The crème de la crème of any sports memorabilia is authentic merchandise. People go nuts for anything that appears in an actual game. 

There's no shortage of demand, whether it's a game-worn jersey or a small chunk they put on a trading card. So, if you want to get on a friend or loved one's good side, this avenue may be worth exploring. 


Purchasing and giving the best memorabilia that you can give to any sports fanatic makes holiday and birthday shopping easy. 

Any of these additions will fill the heart of any sports fan and give you brownie points for the next year-plus. 


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