If you run an athletic gym, you know that building your membership can be challenging. You need to add value to get those memberships up and to make sure your gym not only survives but thrives. 

Here are some tips.

Offer Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is one of the fastest-growing technologies not only for skincare but also for healing joints and easing muscle pain. This low-level light therapy emits laser light to the body and provides health benefits as well as improves overall mood. 

Professional infrared light devices work the best, but these are costly for the average consumer. You can provide a valuable service as well as draw in new members if you offer red light therapy at your athletic club.

Offer Classes

By offering fitness classes and other natural healing courses, you can draw in more members. People don't just want a gym. 

They need help learning the best ways to build muscle and improve their health. You can provide it. Invite fitness instructors to come and teach at your facility. 

You can collect the enrollment costs and use them to pay the instructor.

Keep the Facilities Updated

It's crucial that you keep the facilities updated. Replace machines that are getting old or aren't working as they should. Also, have your staff patrol the machines throughout the day and make sure they're clean.

Provide paper towel dispensers and bottles of disinfectant spray for your guests so that they can clean the machines before they use them.

Train Your Staff

Customer service is crucial to business success. Make sure you hire staff who are friendly and helpful. Train them to provide excellent customer service so that members feel welcome at your athletic club.

Manage the Money

If you don't manage the money, it will fritter away before you know it. Make sure you stay on top of your finances. 

Build a business budget and stick with it. Keep a list of all your expenses and see if you can find ways to cut back on the waste. 

Many times the answer isn't more money, but rather making better use of the revenues that are coming in. Using a sponsoring bank can help with managing money.

Develop an Online Presence

An online presence is absolutely crucial in this digital age. Hire someone to create a website, or build it yourself using an online web hosting platform. 

Create a Facebook page and have a presence on Twitter and Instagram as well. Post on social media on a regular basis.

If you find social media intimidating, hire a virtual assistant to handle these tasks for you. You can find them for an affordable price by looking on digital marketplaces.

Get Involved in the Community

Getting involved in the community is another great way to let people know about your athletic club. You can host a 5K run. Have T-shirts printed up and charge an entry fee. Use the proceeds to benefit a local charity.

If your athletic club is located near a golf course, you can also host a golf event. Invite local celebrities to participate and again donate all proceeds to a local charity. You'll get the word out and might even be featured in the local media.

Prepare a Monthly Newsletter

When people join your club, get their email addresses and then send out a monthly newsletter promoting different classes and benefits your club offers. 

It's a great way to get the word out. When you offer benefits not found elsewhere, your members will get that word out to you and your membership will grow.

Follow these tips and your athletic club will grow and thrive.


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