In the battle of the regular bike versus the electric bike, which should you choose? 

This helpful guide will compare traditional bikes and e-bikes so you can make the right call. These are the differences between regular bikes and e-bikes. 


The most obvious difference between regular bikes and e-bikes is their construction. Traditional bikes have no motor, while e-bikes have a motor and a battery attached to the bike frame. 

The motor of an e-bike can add some weight, but it makes up for it in power, so you won’t have to worry about pushing the extra weight around. 

The construction of bikes and e-bikes is virtually the same, plus the addition of a powerful motor and battery. 


Most bikes come premade, so you don’t have to worry about assembly. With e-bikes, you may have to set up a kit yourself. E-bikes can come premade, or you can make them yourself. 

If you’re not mechanically inclined, setting up an e-bike that isn’t premade could be more challenging. Still, there are many tips for e-bike assembly on the web that can assist you in setting up your e-bike. 

Most amateur mechanics can figure out the process with the assistance of a few videos and be on their way. E-bikes require more assembly, but the results can be worth it. 


The main difference you’ll notice when you ride a bike or an e-bike is the difference in speed. While you may be a force to be reckoned with on your regular bike already, e-bikes can raise your speed significantly. 

Depending on your motor, you can quickly get up to 25 mph or faster on an e-bike. Speed comes easily on an e-bike, too, with the assistance of the motor’s power. 

So, in the question of a regular bike vs. an e-bike: which should you choose? An e-bike may be the right call for you if you need speed. 


Another key difference between regular bikes and e-bikes is the ease of pedaling. While you supply all your own power on a normal bike, an e-bike gives you plenty of power as you pedal. 

You’ll notice a significant change in the energy you exert on an e-bike to get up to higher speeds. 

E-bikes make pedaling significantly easier, so they can be a great call if your bike is your primary mode of transportation or if you’re looking to go long distances. 


With bikes and e-bikes, you’re generally dealing with a lot of the same components, so maintenance is very similar. 

You’ll want to go to a bike mechanic for a regular yearly tune-up, as usual, to keep your bike in good condition. 

Still, e-bikes do have electrical components that can have errors or malfunction. A warranty covers most e-bike motors and batteries, so you can often get motors and batteries fixed or replaced if something should go wrong. 

For the most part, maintaining a regular bike and an e-bike is the same. 


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