The world of online betting is extremely competitive. While lots of punters stay loyal to some of the biggest and oldest betting companies in the UK, others are allured by newer sites that seem to be emerging at an incredible rate. 

While there’s undoubtedly value in using the platforms of both old and new betting sites, there are certain things that new betting sites are able to provide to their customers that their older rivals can’t. 

Let’s take a look at some of these now, and see why punters are often attracted to newer betting sites. 

Innovative Sign-Up Offers

The first thing that tends to attract players to newer betting sites is innovative sign-up offers. In fact, sign-up offers tend to be one of the most attractive aspects of any betting site, and sites like Find Betting Sites offer lists of the bookmakers that offer such signup bonuses. 

But for new sites to turn the heads of punters, they need to innovate and create exciting offers that will encourage them to try out their site. 

This is something that we’re seeing more often and is one of the main reasons for the success of newly established sites. 

Improved Security

New betting sites pull out all the stops when it comes to the safety and security of their platforms. They tend to be encrypted, while some make use of the latest blockchain technology to protect the integrity of their customers’ data. 

Some new betting sites even allow customers to complete transactions using cryptocurrency, which is a payment innovation that allows much better security for people while they’re gambling online. 

Enhanced Payment Options

Not everyone wants to fund their online betting with a debit card or bank transfer. That’s why new betting sites tend to incorporate a wide range of payment options into their site. 

They enable customers to deposit and withdraw funds via several e-wallets and by using a range of payment providers. 

What’s more, new betting sites try and facilitate faster withdrawals, as punters tend to complain that withdrawing money from older sites can often take too long. This is another way that new sites can entice new customers to their platforms. 

The Latest Technology

If you’ve ever used a new betting site, you will probably be aware that the site is powered by the latest technology. Their software comes from industry-leading providers, like Microgaming and NetEnt, to ensure seamless online gaming for their customers. 

What’s more, new betting sites that have an online casino offer live dealer games and other innovations that make for even more immersive gaming. 

By guaranteeing the use of the latest technology, new betting sites are able to compete with their older rivals. 

Excellent Graphics & User-Friendly Interfaces

For a new betting site to become popular, it almost certainly needs to produce excellent graphics and have user-friendly interfaces. New sites tend to be sleek and fast and are extremely easy to navigate. 

Thanks to expert web design and the latest technological advances, new betting sites have the edge over their older rivals and provide a more modern and exciting gambling experience, which is undoubtedly appealing to younger punters. 

Purpose-Built Mobile Apps

While the majority of betting sites are mobile-friendly, not every site has a purpose-built mobile app. New betting sites tend to invest in the latest technology to create high-performing apps that improve their customers’ experience. 

Betting apps include a range of features and are an excellent way for betting sites to communicate with their customers. 

New betting sites like LiveScore even incorporate a social element into their applications, which allows their customers to communicate with fellow gamblers, sharing the latest betting tips and knowledge. 

Purpose-built apps are an excellent way for new betting sites to gain credence with their customers and be seen as a viable and exciting alternative to their older rivals. 


As new betting sites are constantly emerging, it’s important that they provide something extra in order to appeal to their target audience. 

In recent times, it’s clear that new betting sites have utilized technological advances to their advantage, and have become an increasingly attractive alternative to their older and more established competitors. 

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with operating multiple betting platforms, and thanks to the prevalence of new and exciting betting companies, more punters are seeing the benefits of opening more than one account. 


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