Basketball is a game where players dribble a ball towards a basket using their arms. If they manage to get it in without being touched by another player, they score points. 

This sport has spread around the globe and nowadays millions of people play it every day. We have listed amazing facts about basketball that we think you should know.

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The Game Was Invented By Dr. James Naismith

He saw some students playing with a peach-sized rubber ball outdoors during recess at Springfield College in Massachusetts (now Springfield College). T

hey noticed that two players were better than one. Thus, he came up with the idea of an exercise that can be played indoors or out. 

Basketball was first played indoors on Christmas Day 1891 at YMCA headquarters in Springfield under the name ‘basketball’. It was not called basketball until the early 1900s.

Basketball Was the First Team Sport to Have a Designated Goalie

Other sports such as baseball did not have one till years later. Until then goalkeepers just ran around the field hoping to catch the ball before it hit the ground.

Basketball Was Originally Made of Leather Covered With Cork

The balls had rough textures which helped them bounce higher and also protect them from dust and scratches. The leather used for making basketballs is soft enough to absorb sweat and odour when worn but hard enough to rebound.

There Are Several Different Types of Baskets Depending Upon the Size of the Court

The most commonly found type is half circle. Half court – 6 feet across, 9 feet tall; Three quarter court – 7 foot across, 10 feet tall; Full court – 8 foot across, 12 feet tall.

Michael Jordan Is One of the Greatest, If Not the Greatest, Basketball Player of All Time

With over 12 million dollars annually, he is considered one of the top 10 highest-paid athletes. Jordan is famous for his awkward style of shooting free throws and dunking and how he plays best au online casino games. He is sometimes referred to as MJ due to his initials.


In conclusion, basketball is a great pastime that anyone can enjoy no matter what their age or ability level. Learn about this sport through our list of fun facts!


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