Several basketball tournaments around the globe attract thousands of fans. What makes these events special? Are they worth attending? 

In this post, we are looking at some of the most prestigious basketball tournaments in the world.

Most Prestigious Basketball Tournaments in the World

Basketball World Cup

The Basketball Tournament is a global tournament that features international teams playing each other to win the title. The tournament has been held since 2014 and has been organized by the BBVA Foundation. 

It has already attracted millions of dollars in donations and sponsorships. Did you know that Basketball players like playing casino games during their spare time?

The Euroleague Basketball Champions League

The first edition of the championship was held in 1960-61 with six teams participating. The number of teams increased from 7 until it reached 16 teams today. The tournament includes the top European clubs such as Real Madrid, CSKA Moscow, and Olympiacos.

FIBA AmeriCup

This event began in 1939 when it was known as “AmeriCup”. Today, the event has grown into one of the biggest basketball sports events in the world. Over the past years, the tournament has been hosted by countries like Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay (1960).

Olympic Games

Basketball is played at the Summer Olympics since 1932. But the sport didn’t have its tournament until 1948. Nowadays, many tournaments take place before the main event.

NBA Finals

Over time, the NBA became popular and more people wanted to watch their favorite real money pokies online players play during the regular season. Since 1991, the finals have taken place in June.

NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship

The tournament took place for the first time in 1939. Each year, on average, 32 teams compete. This tournament used to be split between the East and West Coasts but now takes place across the country.


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