Have you ever wondered why horses win certain races? Why do some races at USA online gambling go off at a slower pace than expected? There are lots of reasons behind every result. 

In this article, I'll show you the common types of horse bets and explain their odds and payouts.

The Favorite

The favorite is usually the horse with the best chance to win. At bookmakers, favorites typically receive 2/5 or 3/4 (this depends on which country they're in). 

So for example, say in an American race where the favorite is John Oxx, he would be paying 4/7 (3/4 + 1/4), plus his initial wager if he wanted that line.

The Long Shot

Long shots are those horses who aren't considered strong favorites. But they can still run well enough to finish in the first three places due to other factors such as being at odds of 15-1 and getting a lucky break. 

They might also have been injured and not raced for a while. 

The Wide Bet

A wide bet means selecting more than one horse. You'll often see these when there is only one horse left in a field because it's not worth risking your entire bankroll on just one horse. 

This way, you'll get paid out no matter what!

The Quinella

Sometimes referred to as a "Horse A vs Horse B" match, the quinella pays out even amounts - i.e. half the amount wagered. 

However, the payout is a lot less compared to other forms of Australian sports betting. If you place a $100 wager on the quinella, you will get $150 back after taxes ($250 total return).

The Pick-Six

Also known as the "sixth man", this type of bet involves placing 6 selections on six separate horses. Your original stake is multiplied by the number of correct picks. If all picks come true, you will get a payoff of 30/1.


With most of these bets, you are doubling down on whichever horse you think is going to win. Do keep in mind though that the main difference between them is the payouts. 

Except for the exacta and quinella, you are guaranteed a profit regardless of whether your bet was right or wrong.


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