When the weather starts to become warmer, it may come with you wanting to go outside for some summer activities such as going to a baseball game. 

If you have never gone to a baseball game, or it has been a while since you went, you may be wondering what to wear.

A good thing concerning sporting activities is that you do not really need to dress up. That is, you can put on comfortable and casual outfits and yet fit in well. However, if you wish to dress up, you can. You can also be as themed as you wish.

Therefore, in this article are outfits you can wear for a baseball game.


When you are going to a baseball game, one thing you can never be wrong putting on is a baseball bat. You can either choose a plain hat or one that has a phrase or logo suggested by the team you are supporting.

Additionally, you will be able to wear the hat casually and due to the fact that it is a highly versatile clothing item, it can be combined with several outfits.

Face Paint

Face painting is a fantastic way to express your excitement for the baseball game, and the stripes through the cheeks indicate that you are present to win. 

You could wear a black tube top, a striped button-down jersey that has your team's logo, coupled with daisy dukes to give a total ensemble.

Baseball Jersey

Wearing a baseball jersey layered over a hoodie you love is a perfect option for a comfortable and casual outfit. Putting on a baseball jersey is certainly a common selection. This is because you will fit perfectly in with the players and the remaining fans.

However, the layering will appear classic and cool, while acid wash denim will incorporate a vintage touch to the outfit.

Although you can choose a simple cap, a baseball hat will surely be on-theme for the activity. Moreover, a pair of sneakers (white preferably) which you probably have in your wardrobe already, will be a superb inclusion to this ensemble.

Polo Shirt

It doesn't matter whether you are looking to create a good impression for your date or you are cheering the team on. You can definitely achieve both in a fashionable polo shirt. You could also get the team's name or mascot on it.

To add a lovely touch, you could wear a matching coffee mug and baseball hat, while certain khaki-colored shorts will enhance the appearance to allow it to look more stylish.

Rather than sneakers, you can choose to put on black shoes or a pair of leather loafers. They will add some dimensions to your appearance while matching your sunglasses as well.


Pinstripes are still popularly worn today, and they are remindful of vintage baseball uniforms. As a result of that, stripes are similar to this sport, and the team's name you are rooting for being written legibly across the chest certainly establishes that opinion.

Adding a casual top to this sporty top can be achieved with a well-fitted pair of jeans, coupled with white sneakers as a glaring and easy decision for footwear. 

However, if you would like to add more vibrance to your appearance, try putting on a pair of shoes that match your team's color or colors, as the case may be.

Monochrome Appearance

A monochrome dressing is an excellent and easy option since everything you need to do is select similar colors and shades from your closet and combine them. 

You can rock the look with heeled shoes. But if you are not interested in heeled shoes, or if you will not be comfortable in heels, you can choose a pair of matching sneakers instead.

Converse Shoes

There is a popular footwear that you will notice on people at baseball games and stadiums, whether you go there or you are going through pictures of them. That footwear is converse shoes.

Converse shoes are highly versatile and comfortable to wear. The high top is also remindful of the shoes that baseball players wear.

Street Style

If you are searching for something you can put on downtown, even after the baseball game, you can go for a street-style appearance. This option could match with a leather jacket with distressed denim jeans that appears quite dark and sulky.

If the outfit appears to be monochrome, a hoodie could break things up a little bit. Wearing sneakers and a baseball cap will also make you look more sporty and good to go to a baseball game.

Biker Shorts

If your preference is an ultra-comfortable outfit, a pair of biker shorts is an incredible choice for you! The bottoms can greatly contrast against an oversized sweater. Although you can wear converse shoes, sneakers will always perform the trick!


Sporting activities are periods that bring friends and families together as they bond over a combined love of entertainment and sports. 

This develops a sense of community and belonging. Since those periods are memories that will forever be etched in your mind, selecting your baseball game outfit is essential.

Hence, when choosing your outfit for a baseball game, you should bear some things in mind such as quality, style, price, comfort, and material. 

If you are searching for a baseball game ensemble that will daily belong in your closet, it is critical to select items that are of a high quality that will then last longer.

Hence, you should invest in clothing items you will be able to wear several times, instead of only at sporting events. 

But if you would rather put on what is themed which you will only be able to wear for games, such as a piece with your team's colors or logo, you should not invest too much money in it.


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