Smashing a new workout or hitting a PR in the gym is all fun and games until you’re sweating profusely, and some of it trickles into your eyes. 

Your body sweats during exercise to help regulate your body temperature and cool you down. This is a good thing, but the annoyance of sweat burning your eyes can get old. 

Stopping your eyes from burning during workouts is actually quite simple. Consider implementing our advice so that you can get back to enjoying your exercises. 

Properly Hydrate Yourself

Sweat is inevitable during a workout. However, properly hydrating yourself can help lessen the burning sensation. 

Drinking enough water will help limit the amount of salt in your sweat, making it less irritating if it drips into your eyes. Continue to hydrate before and during your workout.

Wear a Hat or Sweatband

You will commonly find athletes and individuals in the gym wearing hats or sweatbands to help absorb their sweat. This is a great way to prevent sweat from trailing down your face because it will be absorbed into the fabric of the hat or headband instead. 

However, wearing these accessories could make you warmer because they trap your body heat, so be mindful when wearing hats or sweatbands.

Petroleum Jelly

Many cyclists and runners smear a layer of petroleum jelly across their foreheads to help divert sweat away from their eyes. You don’t need to be a runner or cyclist to use this technique. 

You might find it helpful in the gym too! If this feels uncomfortable for you, you might want to consider the next alternative instead.

Adhesive Sweat Strips

If you find a hat or sweatband too hot and petroleum jelly too uncomfortable, consider Veo Strips. This product is made from a soft material that does not absorb sweat. 

Like petroleum jelly, the material helps divert sweat away from your eyes to keep you cool during workouts. You can even recycle this product when you’re done using it!

Eye Drops

If all else fails, and your eyes are still burning from sweat, you can use eye drops. Certain eye drops help take away the burn from the salt in your sweat. 

Stop your eyes from burning during a workout by quickly using eye drops after the burning sensation starts.


Sweat comes with exercising and working out, but we can help prevent it from burning our eyes. Depending on how much you sweat, this might not be a problem for you. 

However, these techniques can make a difference if your eyes frequently burn during workouts. 


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