James Hardy is probably one of the tallest receivers in the league. In college, he was labeled as 6'7." In Madden 2009, the PSP version, he was labeled as 6'6." Now on every site and the XBOX 360 version of the Madden 2009 video game, he is labeled as 6'5." So I am just going with 6'6" because it is in the middle of the two heights.

Now Hardy didn't really had a good rookie year last year: nine catches for 87 yards and two touchdowns. Those are stats that a receiver can have in a game! A game! But hey, it's not his fault. He only played three games last year, so that is actually good for a rookie like Hardy.

When James Hardy was coming into the draft in 2008, Fantasy Football Tool Box says that Hardy is "the best receiver in the draft you've never heard of."

Hardy ran a 4.47 in the 40 yard dash, which actually pretty good for a big man like him. He also dropped only two passes the whole day on his Pro Day. He also had 37-inch vertical leap. It's no wonder he can jump that high.

The Bills can literally use Hardy as real special receiver. He did some highlights here and there. This guy has talent. The problem is that sometimes he can't run good routes, but don't worry folks, this kid will get it. Just give him a chance.

With Terrell Owens and Lee Evans in the wide receiver corps, who is the third guy? I has to be Josh Reed or James Hardy. A lot of Bills fan I hear from say Reed. Well I can see that. He has been playing longer and he is better overall. But can Hardy be the slot man if he can. If you do that, you have two pretty tall receivers in Owens and Hardy.

Or you can at least start Hardy as the fourth-man, the guy right behind the slot man in the depth chart. If you give him some passes in the first two or three games and he is doing good, you could push him up to the slot.

This kid, I swear to god, has really good talent for a receiver. You can't get any guy that can play like him. The leaping ability makes it so infectious. And now there is this Cal Poly receiver named Ramses Barden who is just like him. But Hardy is better with his leaps. This guy has the hops. Hardy could be the guy in fourth-quarter comebacks if you need a big pass.

Hardy can just leap about four-to-six feet over his defender and catch it. Well, probably not that high, or maybe yes, but still he will leap over his man anytime he wants to. With his 18 reps in the Pro Day, he has the ability to take control over the cornerback.

He also played basketball in college which makes the leaping ablility actually work. The lowest amount of touchdowns he has had in season is ten and the most is 16. Can't have a guy who can produce such good stats like that.

So that brings me to my question.

He can be a play-maker, right?

Comment and bring out your opinions on this kid, who does have the talent.

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